Creating a junk-free Easter

Easter is right around the corner and if I had forgotten that fact it would have come back to mind when I walked back into Target today. Luckily I was ready and already had a plan. I was able to walk by the $1 selection of plastic Easter glory ( rabbit ear headbands anyone?) at the front of the store with nary a glance. This year I have pledged to have a *junk free* holiday.

Now this is not a holiday free holiday, there will be chocolate bunnies and Jordon Almonds a-plenty. What there will not be is the usual variety of cheap small stuffed animals, plastic eggs and crappy $1 toys that break in no time. Nor will there be extravagant toys ( Target had Easter bikes... since when the hell did the Easter Bunny bring bikes?) since we don't need any of those either. My pledge is to the fun and the practical. Items we need and use every day, made more special by getting them in fun colors. Our baskets are going to contain.. new pool towels in punchy bright colors, new water color pencils and some cool candy. But while there I saw many other things that would be great to put in a basket.

cute panties or pastel plaid boxers

Spring Pj's

Hair clips

cool tooth brushes


Hooded beach towels

school supply baskets

jazzy pencils and notebooks

little pastel staplers
Art supplies

Think out of the box!.. or basket as it be... what can you do to create a junk-free holiday at your home?


Katie said...

Easter bikes?!! We pretty much do the basket of chocolate bunnies and eggs. It drives me crazy to see all the commercial stuff taking over Easter too. One year my mother in law got the boys these huge chocolate monster trucks! Not!! Easter!!
I'm so with you on the junk free, we don't need any more of it :-)

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

I am making my own Bubblestuff and wand.. I plan on doing Handmade Holiday for this Holiday too..

We also reuse all our "easter toys" around here.. after the chocolate binges and all the eggs have been hunted I pack up pretty much everything that isn't practical for everyday use ( The jellybean pooping chicken, the windup duck and the stuffed bunnies) and I put it in a box. The Damn Rabbit brings the same stuff every year, wouldn't ya know? Rabbit recycling. Every year it is like old friends come to visit.... and they don't stay long enough that we have to toss them out. I have a few, so they rotate whose basket they appear in.

And we have those plastic eggs and have had the same set since Jacob was 18 months old... He's 12 now.

eselmom said...

Okay, I'm slightly ashamed to admit this, but last weekend while eating at Cracker Barrel (I know, I know....), I saw the cutest old fashioned candy. I'm going back, by myself, to buy Hershey's bars wrapped in the sweetest vintage wrappers. And, now I can't remember all the other "vintage" looking candy I saw there.

I love your ideas for junk-free Easter basket fillers!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and totally love this post. I get so tired of all the cheap toys underfoot in the house that never get played with and break in 2 seconds.

Our Easter bunny started hiding the entire basket and thinking up creative ways for the kids to hunt for them. One year was a treasure map, one year had rhyming clues, one year had pictures drawn on card-stock eggs that led the kids from place to place, and last year there were little white-paper bunny paw print trails that led from the kids' rooms all over the house and finally to the baskets.

We still hide a few eggs with candy or goldfish in them just for the sake of tradition, but my kids get way more excited hunting for the baskets than they do about hunting for eggs.

Stash said...

really good advice there

Anonymous said...

how about...

*books with a spring/easter theme?

*watering cans and packets of seeds for planting?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I feel suffocated by all of the plastic trinkets cluttering up every's even to the point that I just find it depressing to shop and look at all this merchandise that we don't need and can't be helping our planet. You've inspired me!

Scarlet Tanager said...

I'm with bitterbetty on this one. My kids are 5 and 7 and their baskets, grass, eggs and other little candy holders are reused year after year. And like Heather we hide the baskets and leave little jellybean trails or string to lead the kids to the baskets.

I love your basket ideas and your blog!

The Ellis Crew said...

My four year old associates the Easter bunny with underpants. After receiving undies in her Easter basket just after she turned two she never had an accident because the Easter bunny wanted her to go in the potty. They are getting chicks this year...we are entering the world of urban farming. Yippee!

Unknown said...

We are now at the stage of Easter goodies for the grandchildren - I LOVE the idea of hiding the basket with clues! They might not be quite ready for that, but I'll save the idea. Reused the eggs and baskets for years... though never the toys (great thinking, Ms Easter Bunny!). I had just read a blog post somewhere about taking items and bagging them up, setting them aside and then opening to make the toys "new" again - love that concept as Memere. Would help with not having so much out at once, as well! Lots of good ideas, ladies!

Unknown said...

Oooh! We always do bunny paw prints! Make a stencil and use powder or flour to leave a bunny trail across the porch/driveway. It's always exciting to see proof that a large lapin was there!