Flashing a bit of swag going into the weekend

As promised I am going to show off a bit of my bounty from my thrifting trip and a small project I did. First of is the collection of prints that I framed for the kitchen. I am super proud of myself that I found them, bought them, framed them and got them hung all within about a day. This is a total record for me.

The prints are part of a collection of 12 prints ( most with doubles) that are from a Nursery School in England. Most all were used at some point as evidenced by the corner wear and tack holes. To some this would make them less valuable but to me this makes them all the more charming and in fact the ones I framed had frank aged tape marks on them showing just how long they had been hung in some nursery-classroom. I have framed a total of 6 of the prints and will be putting many of the unframed duplicates up for sale in my new Domestic Anarchy-Anex @Etsy.. Don't go looking for it yet.. it's not up or running but soon.. oh so soon.
I love the play between the little girl's gingham dress and my gingham kitchen wallpaper.. it was obviously a match that was meant to be!

Next is a very quick but very dimly lit craft project that I wanted to share ( night photos really suck). I ran into these heavy little paper-weights at my local dollar store and scooped up a few to do a craft with the small children's crafting class I teach once a month but could not help but make a up a few in advance, all in the name of science you know! In the end these two weights went to two wonderful ladies who came to help me work on a big event at church. I used a rather damaged copy of an old Richard Scarry ( pre-Busy Town) book. Most of the pages have severe wanted damage or markings so I don't feel bad about giving what is left of it a new life.

The glass orbs slightly magnify the images and the way the light plays on the shape is quite fun. Nothing earth shaking really but a nice quick gift that was fun to make.

In other news.. I got the most AMAZING box of wool/rayon felt from Wool-felt Central. My hands shook as I opened it since I knew that the colors were just going to knock me over and they did! Between the colors and the cute color names ( how could anybody not love a green with a color name having to do with pickles?) it was like Spring in a box. In the next week I will have the first wool work pattern ready to go as a free PDF download to accompany an article I have written on the subject for THE LINK . In addition Wool-felt central will have a color kit package ready so you can order the felt you need for the project.

To celebrate my first project with Wool-felt Central I will be having a give away of one of the kits with everything you need to make it. I will also be sending a made up project to Indiependence's monthly give away so you will have two.. yes two chances to win some very cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

love the prints!
they look awesome in your kitchen.

beki said...

Those prints look great, especially against that wallpaper (which I love, btw). Thanks for the felt link, I'm gonna check them out.

julie (jane's apron) said...

I really love the prints and how they look kind of like a "transom" hung close to the ceiling...so pretty!