I'm a Book Babe

I can't help it.. I LOVE books. Just about any book will do but craft books are a particular weakness and another one has come home with me not to long ago. It's Cath Kidston's In Print, and it is totally swoon worthy to say the least. The book is filled with ideas and projects for use with vintage finds and fabrics.

But let me back up. First I totally scored on this book since I found it at Homegoods for less than $5 - but honestly it's worth more than that and I sort of feel like I stole it at that price. The book is not only a visual treat but also a textural one. My copy is hardback with a nice sturdy binding, made for the long haul. But even better is the feeling on the cover of the book.. it feels and looks as if the book is covered in vintage fabric...very nice. While just a small touch it really adds to the experience of reading the book.

The body pages are slick and thick.. and the colors, it's like the most perfect spring day on every page. It makes me smile just picking it up and flipping through it. Fun fabrics and cute project ideas abound through this book but while saying that.. this is not a "How to do it book" so if you don't know one end of a needle from another this book is not going to teach you that but it might inspire you to learn.

My personal criteria for the purchase of a book has to do with a comparison of the price -vs- how many projects I will do from the book. So far i have been inspired to make two projects based on the book and have many other ides drifting around in my head.

I created my new ironing center based on her "old fashioned ironing table"

I used her drawer lining idea in my closet hutch

Next on my list are some nice tea towels for the kitchen from some vintage napkins I own and I think I hear her "practical bed covers" calling my name each night.

I think it would be hard to be disappointed in this book no matter what.


Katie said...

Oh how I love Cath Kidston!! I'm totally drooling over this book!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

oh sure.... Now I can't live without another craft book.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Maddie - i just bought the Cath Kidston book for my friend's birthday, but of course I peeked through it before wrapping it up...loved it! I'll have to look for a $5 one of my own. I find with the price of magazines that I'm better off getting books sometimes. Love your blog! Barbara at oodles and oodles