Why yes we still homeschool, why do you ask?

Guilty as charged, I have not been talking much about our homeschooling of late. Nothing awful, just chugging along heading towards the end of the year. The little boys are just about done with all of their books/workbooks and math. Grant will graduate this Spring and Claire is now in an intense two week prep phase for taking the ACT in about 3 weeks, so yes this means if all goes well she starts college in the Fall. This is Chris's last year of middle school so I have another one in high school as of next year. And as I think about it this next year will be Greg's last year of elementary...gahhhhhh!

One thing oflate that has been fun has been exploring different artists and their mediums of expression. Today we looked at those who do carving from the famous to the funky. Our project was to design and carve their own stamp making something not only beautiful but useful. Gregory drew a gift box with balloons attached to be used as a stamp on his B-day invites that we will be sending out next week. It was so fun to watch his intense nature as he carved and I have to say that I think for a first totally original drawing and carving it came out pretty dang well! He went on after this to carve a tiki stamp as part of his luau theme party. It was amazing and I will share it tomorrow.
And as a note, I could give you some bullsh*t line about how my kitchen table looks in that photo of Greg carving but honestly during really active and engaged homeschooling that is how it looks. I try to clean it off each night and get stuff back into place but you can pretty much count on it looking just like that by three o-clock the next day. If you look close you can see the Leapster which was being used to drill spelling, the very cool History book ( thanks Kay!) the phone book where we were looking up recorder lessons, flash cards, knitting needles and a labeling machine.. all part of a pretty average homeschooling day here a Chez Anarchy!


Anonymous said...

"But what about socialization??"
ACK! You know I'm kidding.
Very cool stamps!
My 'baby' turned 14 yesterday. He is my last at home schooling. We plan on doing HS at home. There is a wonderful Waldorf HS here...but it also has a wonderfully huge tuition.

Anonymous said...

the stamp is cool, and really impressive!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Loved the title of this post. Made me laugh, thank you. I am your newest follower. Mine are to young to worry about schooling yet, but we are working to be able homeschool them when the time comes.