The Day I Fell Off the World

It's this spinning planet, I just can't seem to keep up these days and for that I am sorry. There are a million times each day that I think " I should put that on my blog"... then more life happens and there is no time. Right now I am even sneaking time, or the better word might be stealing since it feels like it. Like I am snatching a precious jewel of moments to do something for myself while all the while other pressing things like laundry and dishes and floors that need sweeping call to me in scornful tones due to my inability to get it all done. ~sigh~

Above is a sneak peak of a project that is in it's last stages. It's to go with an article I wrote for The Link magazine. I think the article that this pattern will go with is to be published some time in late May or early June and I am trying to get it ready ahead of time, novel concept hu?. In any case it's the Vintage Scissor Keeper that was inspired by our study of the Victorian and Pioneer women and their superb care of their tools. Above you can see my sweet little guy Sam working on sewing on the little bird and nest that he picked for the front of his keeper.. toooo
So if I am a little quite, please forgive. I am just trying to find balance while all the while juggling the balls that are my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi , I found you through your comment on Amy's humble musings, Just curious, as my hubby has dreams of moving to Tenn, How are homeschool laws there. (I'm awful with run on sentences ) ;-).
I'm in Fl now so it's fairly easy. Really enjoyed reading about your families activities!----Kelli

Anonymous said...

great colors.
and a great artist at work!

Very Mary said...

Your life is ballsy, eh? hee hee!