I Let My Kids Play with Sharp Things!

Yep, once again guilty as charged. Here is the proof! It's Sammy carving the stamp that he is using for this Birthday party invitation. For those who have not done carving before a great way to check out all the fun is with a Speedball easy kit. Much easier and softer than lino carving it's a prefect way to have some fun and make something totally cool! Make no mistake, these tools are sharp, in fact they are safer when they are sharp since when in top condition they smoothly like a hot knife through butter.
In the photo below Sam's shows us exactly NOT how to position your fingers and just seconds after this shot he nicked his finger with the tool. No real harm done and he was back to carving after a small bandage and a kiss.

If you want to learn more about carving check out this sight amoung many others out there on the WWW.

Please also drop by over at my other site The Crafty Homeschooler and see the sneak peek of my newest pattern and hear all about the details of the project.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with sharp objects (well, within reason)!

My dad had me out in the garden cutting twine with his pocket knife when I was in elementary school -- it was a great learning experience.

Anonymous said...

go sammy go!