No dirt here!

I love my front garden, it has a long way to go but it gives me great satisfaction to see flowers blooming and plants growing. What I don't like is dirt, to be more precise I don't like dirt on my hands and under my nails. In fact for years I thought that I did not like working in the garden due to the fact that I had always been schooled in the the line about how "real" it was to have one's hands in the dirt, feeling the earth and that true gardeners worked bare handed and relished the feeling of dirt in their nails but not me. That feeling... well to me.. well lets just not speak further since it gives me those freaky little chills up my back..eeeewww.

For me that all changed upon meeting a woman with a most spectacular garden and with it a most spectacular collection of garden gloves!.. Floral, stripes, leather, neoprene and more. She also had the most beautiful hands and a lovely manicure and yet worked like plowhorse creating a most eyepoping front yard by hand. It was from her that I learned that it was alright to glove up for work in the yard and then dig, pull and plant with wild abandon. From her I got my first pair of cotton work gloves from which I have gone on to buy many others over the years. All bright, all colorful and all that have gotten beaten to hell, lost, planted and one pair even met a rather grizzly end under the blades of our mulching mower!

So this year for Mother's Day I am asking that each of the kids pick me out a new pair of gloves and with luck they will last me through the summer. The rather nifty collection below was a gift recieved by another glove-loving soul on the internet, that lucky lady!

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