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Join me now... while I sing, ~I love being a Girl~ Ugh. When in fact I do really love being a girl, (to be able to just look at a man and have him go slack jawed, yeh it's nice). but with the exception of my cycle and the mood swings that go with it. It's really more cosmic payback, karma x100, the divine laughing at me... you get it right?
All through my teen years, my 20's my middle 30's I had very little trouble with my periods, I mean it's not that I had a lot of them between 20-35 since in that time I was pregnant 9 times and gave birth to 6 children so even if you calculate in the miscarriages it was not a lot of time to cycle and i was sort of smug about my lack of trouble with the whole thing. In fact I just did not get WHAT other women were whining about, now I do. So thus is my payback. `~sigh~


In other non-bloated news I have been thinking through my first few months of 40 and trying to figure out who I want to be for the next ten years, what I want to accomplish and how I want to care for myself. I am still working on the weight, getting my hair cut this week and those vital parts waxed and buffed and even looking at some Summer clothes so I can feel good about how I look even if I am just around the house. To me this is important since I am the person my kids spend a lot of time with I think it's rather important to put my best foot forward for them as well as for myself. But it still leaves me with the question... I am a going to be more Ina-style or Nigella style... which would you pick and why?


Very Mary said...

Whatever you choose, do NOT choose Joan Rivers style. OK? Good.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

are they mutually exclusive?
I say make a list of the admirable qualities of both... where they don't jive pick what is more important to you and go hybrid.

Knock our socks off.

Maggie said...

I agree with bitterbetty- go with your own hybrid style! And I think PMS is worse after having kids. I only have two but I now have the worst PMS ever. I recently read some dumb thing about bananas helping with PMS (b.c of the potassium) but I hate bananas. I did try OJ this month though, high in potassium also, and it seems to have really made a difference. We'll see next month! (Sorry this is so long!)

Anonymous said...

Your goal...should you choose to to be comfortable in the skin you are in. You are an awesome, amazing beautiful woman! Do not waste days and years wanting to be someone else. Yes, I need to listen to what I am preaching. Your hubby and children need you to love yourself.

My PMS attacked in my 40s too. Non-stop uh...flow. We're talking 35 days in a row more times than I care to say.

Herbal treatments are good. Email me.