Creative notions

It seems that the call of Summer has brought out the creative muse in many members of my family.

(Above) Gregory sewed up some wonderful looking Summer sleep-shorts. Yes, he did it all himself. He put in a soft elastic for the waist and a nice double hem on the bottoms of the legs. The fabric is from Hancock's and is so very soft, perfect for Pj's!
This is my newest project. It is for my husband's sweet Admin. It's her birthday and I really wanted to make her something special. The center piece is a shard of broken china and the beads are some wonderful pressed glass.
The last is a hand embroidered pillow case that my daugher did for her little brother since today was his 7th birthday. The words are from his favorite Beatles song.. he is thrilled with it.

Slight on hand

Soldered jewelry is something I have been itching to try for a while. But as with most things did not know where I was going to find the time but after running into a kit for just the very purpose I just knew I had to give it a try. The kit is from Simply Swank and has everything you need to get started. You can buy it on the net or locally ( Chattanooga) you can find the kit and other swank products at Hobby Town.

The kit comes with 3 projects you can do. Also bought the book and the video (Just call me the Queen of excess!) and uhhhh... ok a lot of other stuff, so much that they awarded me some high-buyer club discount coupons *blush* BUT. you can just get the main kit and have all you need.

Of course I did not do the projects that recommended since.. well I am just that way. What I did was get out some of my broken English china that I use for mosaic and feature some of the beautiful patterns in making two necklaces. The process is fun and rather addictive an I am already planning on what to do next.

Warning.. this is NOT a craft for children or those who are the types that burn themselves each time they try to use the curling iron. This is a VERY hot and very real soldering iron and while it does use lead-free solder there are multiple chances to burn yourself with the iron unless you are careful.

That said... THIS IS FUN!.. and hope to get a local group together to do this is the future. The featured piece is the second one I did last night. The chard was part of the rim motif on some wonderful plates that came to an awful end due to a dog running head long into my china hutch. The beads are some vintage beads from the French General. I like the funky non-semetirical look of how it came out.. I strung it up on a leather cord to wear today but think I am going to make it a nice chain some time in the near future.

Who I am

I am from pretzels, peanut butter cookies and good cheese.
I am from old furniture, chippy paint and soft summer nights.
I am from the pink blush rose, the wild frayed peony
I am from pajamas on Christmas Eve and wild raucous laughter.
I am from the messy and the deeply passionate
From stubborn and the overly dramatic.
I am from the chalice and the cross. From the humble mixed on high.
I'm from the wind swept plains, pasta and thick fruit pies.
From the place where you could find a snake on your font porch, tornados were exciting and you spun in circles under the skies that turned that queer shade of green that meant a bad storm was rising.
I am from pictures and memories in a small box that tug my heart strings till they ache yet I go on living anyway.

Garden Glory

For those who care to know, the no-surfing thing is now the.. "Let's not surf a lot thing" but honestly am a "sharing" sort of person so even though I am going to try to spend more time in real life than cyber life I guess I shall still blog on occasion.
I have been getting a lot of garden work done and wanted to share this flower with you. Isn't she a beauty? She is the first flower bloomed on my front yard peony. I have 12+ blooms this year so i am hoping that they stagger over at least two weeks to make the show last.

Time, but not on my side.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my time, my life and what I am doing with it. Hard thinking, the kind that puts little lines in the corners of my eyes and deep lines on my forehead. The conclusions I have come to were not the ones I wanted, and I generally think that these conclusions are going to mean some real changes in my life. There are many things I want to do more of but no extra hours in the day so I must divide up my 24 hours just like everyone else. i also see that for as much as I love reading all the crafting and sewing blogs that it means I am not doing much crafting and sewing on my own, freaky hu?

The upshot of this is that I have all but decided to go on an Internet fast for the Summer and see if that improves my life and helps me to be more productive. Alas I cannot do a complete computer fast due to some obligations that require my attention by email but it does mean that I am going to be snipping the the WWW umbilical cord and that includes blogging. I have one project I need to finish up and post on my CraftyHomeschooler site and I hope to have that done in the next week and after that point it's going to be a limit of 30 minutes a day on the computer until some time in August.

So over the next few days I am going to be stopping by to say goodbye to some of you and your blogs that have become to dear to me. I wish all of you the very best and am sure that I will cheat at times and poke my head in and say hi.. know that I am thinking and wishing the best for all of you!

Mama got some new hair!

Yes!... I did it today and I can honestly say that I feel 100% better about myself... New hair= better attitude!