Garden Glory

For those who care to know, the no-surfing thing is now the.. "Let's not surf a lot thing" but honestly am a "sharing" sort of person so even though I am going to try to spend more time in real life than cyber life I guess I shall still blog on occasion.
I have been getting a lot of garden work done and wanted to share this flower with you. Isn't she a beauty? She is the first flower bloomed on my front yard peony. I have 12+ blooms this year so i am hoping that they stagger over at least two weeks to make the show last.

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Gene Black said...

Maddie, it was really tough to watch the video (okay, so I cried through a good bit of it)
I think this is a wonderful thing. I lost a great nephew when he was only two. We do have lots of photo memories. I know they have helped his mother (my niece) to grieve and heal. I would never want to forget him.

Thanks for sharing this difficult subject.