So long ago.... and yet just the blink of an eye..

Today would have been Gabriel's 8th birthday.. not a day goes by that I don't think of him. To loose a baby, to loose any child is like slicing out a part of your heart .. nothing can fill that void but you keep on living, learning how to love others around that hole and sometime because of it.

From my garden

Wishing all of you the most peaceful of Summer evenings and bright sunny days.
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Swim cute

Guess who just learned how to upload directly from Picasa?... cute photo hu?
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Bunny view

Well Summer is in full swing here in Chattanooga. It's time for Riverbend and my garden is still doing well even with all the heat. I choose not to look at the water bill but overall most of the plants are from last year so they are well rooted and don't need as much waters as plantings from this year.
From this photo I have artfully cropped out the porch that needs cleaning, the gutter that needs painting and the window that needs washing.... better to live my Anne of Green Gables sort of fantasy.. at least while I look at this photo.

A cure for the Summer time blues

With the just about endlessly cool resources available on the Internet I have been planning out our Summer. My kids are ones who do best with a schedule.. and a semi-tight one at that. So with that in mind and now that my oldest has moved out we are working towards our final Summer time layout. One of the kid's favorite parts is that we are going to do two new crafts per week.
Today we did these way cool watercolors that we read about at the Crafty Crow.
Heavy grade REAL water color paper, good quality watercolor paints, black India ink. Don't skimp, you will not get the same magical effect.

Crafty inspiration

Ever gone to visit the Crafty Crow?.. Ok.. go now but come back ok?? How cool was that?.. yep ... I am looking forward to doing the painted sticks as walking sticks with some very cool kids from my home schooling group. Don't you get happy just looking at them???