Do your jeans really fit?

Well mine never did. It seems I was under the delusion that I had a waist, or more to the point that I had hips. It seems that I really don't and honestly I could not be more thrilled to find this out! Seems that Lane Bryant (yep..the big girl store) has put their money into a multi shaped line of pants and jeans that breaks our human/woman shape down into finer detail which in the end gives us more choices that ever when it comes to shape and fit.

Personally I have found the holy grail of jeans. Seems I am a YELLOW, this is LB code for the fact that I am lacking in hips or if you're being less charitable.. my waist is not waisted, in fact it's the same size ( or just about) as the fullest part of my hips. ( Might you be a RED, or a BLUE?)

Silly me.. I never did understand why I could get jeans that fit in the hips then I could not button them, or if they could button they flapped around my hips like sails in the wind. And guess what?.. seems I am also a petite!.. at 5foot 5 I wear a petite!.. But who cares!... my jeans fit.. in fact they fit so well that i went back and bought 3 more pairs!

Best of all since getting them I have had 3 people stop me to ask where I got my jeans since they looked so good!.. two of the women were MUCH smaller than my rather generous size 16 self and were disappointed to know that they would not be able to get any for themselves. But if you happen to be a 14 or above, make your way to Lane Bryant and find out your true shape.. you will not be sorry!! My pair are the trouser cut, dark wash and were $44 a pair. Better yet there is a coupon right now on the website that give you $25 off of $75 or $50 off of $150.


Katie said...

Really? I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit. If they fit in the waist the legs would fit an elephant. I'm the typical apple shape- skinny legs and a barrel chest. I've often thought about buying maternity jeans! I will check out Layne Bryant though, sounds like a better way to go!

Anonymous said...

Since my arse has its own zip code I think I need to check these puppies out! I carry all my weight below the waist...yup, LOTSA junk in my trunk

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

I have decided that now that I'm 40 I'm only wearing men's Levi's 501's loose enough to not look trampy.

I can squat or bend with no hideous crack exposure, and I can never be accused of being too trendy.