Getting *paid* to Clean up my act.

Seems that I am finally back in the swing of things when it comes to making some progress on getting this house finished. We got some new furniture delivered ( photos soon!) and I am busy cleaning out things in preparation for some painting and other changes. This all feels pretty good and as a cosmic bonus it paid me $60!

You see since we have become debt free for our daily expenses (not bills) we use cash. I get out a set amount every two weeks and that is what we use for groceries, gas and the like. This took a little getting used to but makes you pretty dang accountable for your spending when you watch it go away as dollar bills as opposed to as a swipe of the debit or credit card. As an off shoot of this I am known to squirrel away a $20 bill each time and tuck it away just in case we get to the end of a two week period and I would be low on funds and need gas.
SOOOOO.. when I went to go clean out some purses that were in a drawer and decided which to keep and which to donate I did an interior inspection on each and found : 1 lost house key, 1 missing ear ring, numerous phone numbers scribbled on slips of paper and $60! ( 3 $20 bills to be exact) Sometimes life is good :)


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo!! Free money! Sounds like you are a follower of Dave R. ??? I need to be.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! That whole cash thing really does work. A little painful sometimes, but definitely worth it.