My Dirty Little Secret

Bet that caught your attention hu? The truth is that I do have one.. I Maddie K. am a closet organizational junkie. I love stuff that is freaky hyper organized, I mean I get a little thrill when I see t-shirts color sorted, spices grouped by type and ribbons in color matched order. I nearly have a tiny little stroke of ecstasy just walking into the Container Store, and yet that is not how I live my life and I generally think it's for the best.

Mind you, a times like now I think it would be best to let a little bit more of this side of me out of the closet and in fact I am in order to get some work done on the house but once it gets out.. well do you remember that movie where the cute little furry creatures stayed cute as long as you did not feed them after midnight? Well it's sort of like that. So thus I am careful how much I let out at a time.

People mock Martha Stewart all the time but I do understand where she is coming from and it's just that she has let her monster out of the closet ( or can't get it back in) and she even dances with it! Do I think it's good for her?.. well maybe for her bank account..yes, but personally no. I think she has suffered for it as do all of us who put our stuff no matter grand or meager in front of our connection with people and this often really extends to our own families and close friends.

Last night on the spur of the moment we had some darling friends over for a last swim of the year before we closed the pool. I would have loved for my house be be perfect.. for it to have glowed with candles and warm Fall decor but in the end it was cheap pizza, Jones sodas and a most wonderful evening of just kicking back with friends and the kids. Swimming, warming up by the fire pit, laughter and in the end much more rewarding than alphabetized spices.
**Please note: that is not my craftroom, but is sure is cute and orgainzed! :)

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Katie said...

I am drooling over that craftroom! I really wish it was yours, cause then I'd be right there to move in!!