Things are starting to swing into high gear here at Casa-Kertay. The new found nip in the air has finally gotten me off my fanny to do something about our living room. First I spent a whole bunch of time looking at new sofas only to come to the conclusion that a new one would look as bad as my old (2 years) one in no time given the abuse it sees on a daily basis.

You see last time we got a new sofa we got a GOOD sofa, it was expensive and yet some how the dogs ( two Great Danes) and the cats ( 5 of them) missed the message that this was the GOOD sofa... but I suspect that they did not care. So fast forward two years and many many large doggy naps and scratching post sessions later and it's looking a bit worse for wear. I will not even talk about the back cushions and how they slumped 6 months after we got them!.. But it's neither here nor there now since I am getting rid of the fitted back cushions and making some nice new pillows for the back and adding some of the new fabric to the body of the sofa like so many of the really cute sofas you see these days. ( photos soon.. I promise)

I have had this project in mind for a while now but could not find any fabric that brought together all my colors until today! ( please join me in a small happy dance in celebration of this most wondrous event) I bought a yard this afternoon to bring it home and see it in my living room light since while Hanocks might be lit up by 100 florescent lights my home is not and that really changes the color of fabric. It was perfect and i returned tonight to get 5 more yards and 3 very large and very nice down pillows. This was another happy dance moment as it seems my $45 dollar each pillows had been marked down to $15 each and my fabric was 30% off. .. don't you just love it when it works like that??? For those wondering the fabric is from the Dublin collection at Hancocks and it's the Pecan floral.

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Busy Bogey said...

I've come across this very fabric myself.. it was purchased and constructed into a curtain to hide the industrial base of my 1950s undermount motor-driven Pfaff. It is beautimous. Excellent choice.