Winding down on Turkey day

Turkey day here at Chez-Kertay did not go as planned since some of the children ended up with icky coughs and fevers but none the less we are thankful to be together and to have the warmth and love of many friends.
So since there were no guests to get ready for I spent the day primping the house and getting ready to pull down the holiday stuff for our annual decorating weekend. I will be very happy to open up the Fall-box next year and pull this stuff out. I just found these on sale a few days ago but have enjoyed them so much that I am sorry to see them go. The acorn candle sticks were from Hobby lobby and I scored them at 80% off!.. and the pine cones are pressed glass and they were 90% off ... got to love that! In other news, I have been working on the house trying to get stuff in shape for the newyear.. yesterday prject was the pantry. Les and Greg created custom dividers for all my food groups.. I could not be more happy with them!! Tomorrow all the food gets pulled out and I am going to paint and paper the inside of the area.
Finally got all the tensioned cafe curtains done for the dinning room.. 12 of them! ( 6 double windows).. That piece in the corner is the radio cabinet that belonged to my grandparents and then to my parents and now to me. The funny part was that when my parents got was painted.. so my mom had it stripped and finished to go with her house. Now for my house it's going to need to be painted again. If you look real careful in the details of the carving you can see little bit of paint.. guess I am more like my gradmother than my mom!

FABRIC!.. The dark floral to the left is the fabric from my sofa pillows that is also going to be the toppers for my windows.. the fringe is the the one that is on the curtains themself and the embroidered silk is going to be the linning for the topper.. nice hu???

So there you go... all the news that is fit to print!... Hope your day was divine!

Slow and steady wins the race

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. Last night was an all night paint-a-thon and I am happy to saw that I have all the trim done!!!! It was a real killer moving all the books and painting all the shelves but the finished effect was well worth it. We still have a long way to go and I just threw stuff back together.. lots of stuff to move about and pics to hang but we are on our way!
Rewire 2 lamps - done!

Buy two sofas, and three chairs to replace piss poor current furniture- done!

Buy the wrong color of paint three times- done!

Freak out when cat scratches at new leather chairs- done! done! done!

Consider that painting dental molding should be some sort of punishment in hell- done!

Totally give up on decorating for Fall and move straight to plans for the holidays- done!

Finally buy correct paint and hide 3 "bad" gallons in far corner of the basement- done!

Pick up Bad Bad blogger award for shoddy posts of all sorts these days! - done!

Afterween.. do you celebrate?

Ah yes, Afterween.. my most favorite of holidays. Of course I celebrated in the traditional manner... Day after Halloween I drove straight to Homegoods and Tjmaxx and trolled the after holiday mark downs. This year was a total score!.. Retailers must really want to move stuff out since nothing I bought was over $2. SERIOUSLY.. all this stuff.. nothing over $2 and most was $1.50!! This was a good thing since my personal collection of Halloween stuff had gotten very sad over the years and I was ready for a new look. Nothing gory... everything cute and vintage looking. And while it's hard to see in these photos one of my very favorites of the season came from a dear friend and her sweet daughters. It's the mummy-duck there in the back. Come day light I will have to get a better photo.. he is so cute! A bit macabre, but oh so sweet at the same time.