Afterween.. do you celebrate?

Ah yes, Afterween.. my most favorite of holidays. Of course I celebrated in the traditional manner... Day after Halloween I drove straight to Homegoods and Tjmaxx and trolled the after holiday mark downs. This year was a total score!.. Retailers must really want to move stuff out since nothing I bought was over $2. SERIOUSLY.. all this stuff.. nothing over $2 and most was $1.50!! This was a good thing since my personal collection of Halloween stuff had gotten very sad over the years and I was ready for a new look. Nothing gory... everything cute and vintage looking. And while it's hard to see in these photos one of my very favorites of the season came from a dear friend and her sweet daughters. It's the mummy-duck there in the back. Come day light I will have to get a better photo.. he is so cute! A bit macabre, but oh so sweet at the same time.


Katie said...

I am a huge celebrator of Afterween! That is when I buy ALL my stuff. Same goes for Christmas. I don't think I've ever paid full price for any of my tons of holiday stuff :-)

Meredith said...

I saw this too late! Thanks for the tip==I never would have thought to check TJ Maxx for halloween markdowns.