Virginity Pledges Totally Ineffective - Well Duh

Headline... New study finds that abstinence education and "virginity pledges" are ineffective.

I mean it was just matter of time for the studies to start rolling in, but then I am not shocked, it's human nature. And before it became a "moral" issue it was just a simple issue of evolutionary survival. You have to procreate to have your species survive and we are hardwired to "do the deed" it's just part of our DNA!

And what better age to do it at from an evolutionary standpoint than from the ages of 16-20 something. Ages when we are young, strong and fit for the most part. It's pretty much just science.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't think kids should be out there bed hopping and having sex every which way but loose. Pregnancy and social diseases have made that a pretty poor idea, not to mention that we are saddled with some pretty powerful social taboos on the subject. But if just for a moment we did not have those social taboos and there were totally effective methods of birth control and no medical worries... really what would be so wrong about it?

In the end I choose to give my kids effective and frank information on the topic of sex along with some reasons that I think they should wait. Good reasons in my book based on my experiences as a teen. But lets face it, hormones are powerful stuff and if we could harness the evolutionarily driven teenage lust into an effective power grid we would never have to worry about the light bill again. But until then, all bets are off and a pledge is a piss-poor way to equip your teen for life.

For those more interested in effective education  I recommend and support Scarleteen as one of the best factual sex positive and safe sites for real information for you and your teen. -- check them out!

Letting the cat out of the bag.

It nearly killed me not to share this little cutie with you! Please meet Little-Huck, he is a needle felted little fella made in the likeness of the newest family member of a dear friend. He was lots of fun to make and I plan doing quite a few others after the new year. I created him from scratch but for those who want a little more guidance there are tons of kits to be had by just Googling!

In other news we have a new family member... please everyone give a warm welcome to Xxee from the a planet "far away".

Xxee was created and sewn together by this sweet little dude. And his inspiration came from
this book/kit Stupid Sock Creatures . Little dude got the book and kit for Xmas and while the kit was lots of fun to open if you happen to have even the most simple of craft supplies on hand not to mention some unmatched socks this might be the craft for you!.. and all you would have to do is get the book. I can see that this is going to seriously cut down on the issue of mate-less socks in my house!

Say " Gocco".. like locco.

I am doing a litte happy dance here at Chez-Anarchy since the delivery of my new-to-me Gocco machine. If you are not familiar with a Gocco here is the 411: Gocco is a small sized screen printing machine that has been around in Japan for going on 30 years. America was slow to pick up on the Gocco but it has been in the states since the late 70's. Alas the maker of the Gocco is a fickle company who keeps pulling them on and off production making those who own them bite their nails hoping that some other company will buy the rights to the machine and start making them and the supplies here in the U.S or any where for that matter!

I got my machine last week but was in the thick of party and Christmas plans so it sat until today.. Christmas day for me to play with it.. and play I did! Today was a beautiful day so I went out to snap a photo of the house. I took this photo into photoshop and converted it into a line drawing tweaking the contrast and such until I had a good "artsy" looking image of our house. I then printed it off and then made a copy of it on our copy machine ( that is one thing about the Gocco, you need a carbon based image to burn your image from, ink jet images will not do!).. So I burned the image with the little light box and flash bulbs that you use.. and FLASH!! literaly moments later I was ready to ink my screen and start printing.

20 minutes and 50 cards later I had a very nice stack of cards drying and lots of more plans in my head for future projects. If you want to know more take a peak at this video, the Etsy labs are all over all things Gocco and this is an even better explanation of how this little wonder of a machine

A No Toy Christmas

No, it's not a Grinch thing, if they really wanted toys I would buy them some ( very carefully selected) but as I look around I realise that even though we still have at least two of our children in their elementary years there are no toys in our house. Yep, you got it, we don't buy toys. No, not one toy, no cars, no trucks, no video games. Nothing that flashes, beeps, or wails ( thank God). They did take a gander at the Toys-R-Us toy pages when they came in the paper last month but not one thing was of interest to them.

As you can imagine this makes us less than the target demographic for toy companies and we don't even spend time in the toy section of Target except to check and see if there are any new and interesting games, since games we do have! Alas unless you have the IQ of a squid most of the games on the market these days are branded pablum with dice and a spinner thrown in for the hell of it. Hanna Montana Checkers anyone? Or perhaps a fast paced game of Jonas Brothers Scrabble...spell poke "me in the eye with a fork!"
Is it any wonder that the collective IQ and imaginations of today's children is dropping faster than the current stock market!!?? Grandma.. back away from the Hanna Montana microphone, aunties and grandma's, no buying panties and Pj's that say " HOTTIE" on them. People come to your senses!!! Buy products of value, those that teach lessons and skills. Those that require children to think, engage and stretch their imaginations. Start with a good book!

Hats for the Homeless

I can't think of much worse than having no home to call one's own and it's made even worse by it being cold and wet out. But I can think nothing nicer than a sweet little boy in our homeschooling group who wanted to do what he could to help. Thus he began * Hats for the Homeless* and asked his friends to join the effort.. we were honored to do so. So far we have 8 hats and 2 very proud little boys!

A purrrrfect schooling day.

Rule 1) cats should be a part of every school day.