A No Toy Christmas

No, it's not a Grinch thing, if they really wanted toys I would buy them some ( very carefully selected) but as I look around I realise that even though we still have at least two of our children in their elementary years there are no toys in our house. Yep, you got it, we don't buy toys. No, not one toy, no cars, no trucks, no video games. Nothing that flashes, beeps, or wails ( thank God). They did take a gander at the Toys-R-Us toy pages when they came in the paper last month but not one thing was of interest to them.

As you can imagine this makes us less than the target demographic for toy companies and we don't even spend time in the toy section of Target except to check and see if there are any new and interesting games, since games we do have! Alas unless you have the IQ of a squid most of the games on the market these days are branded pablum with dice and a spinner thrown in for the hell of it. Hanna Montana Checkers anyone? Or perhaps a fast paced game of Jonas Brothers Scrabble...spell poke "me in the eye with a fork!"
Is it any wonder that the collective IQ and imaginations of today's children is dropping faster than the current stock market!!?? Grandma.. back away from the Hanna Montana microphone, aunties and grandma's, no buying panties and Pj's that say " HOTTIE" on them. People come to your senses!!! Buy products of value, those that teach lessons and skills. Those that require children to think, engage and stretch their imaginations. Start with a good book!

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Very Mary said...

But you have tickets! Stop over at the blog for more info...