Letting the cat out of the bag.

It nearly killed me not to share this little cutie with you! Please meet Little-Huck, he is a needle felted little fella made in the likeness of the newest family member of a dear friend. He was lots of fun to make and I plan doing quite a few others after the new year. I created him from scratch but for those who want a little more guidance there are tons of kits to be had by just Googling!

In other news we have a new family member... please everyone give a warm welcome to Xxee from the a planet "far away".

Xxee was created and sewn together by this sweet little dude. And his inspiration came from
this book/kit Stupid Sock Creatures . Little dude got the book and kit for Xmas and while the kit was lots of fun to open if you happen to have even the most simple of craft supplies on hand not to mention some unmatched socks this might be the craft for you!.. and all you would have to do is get the book. I can see that this is going to seriously cut down on the issue of mate-less socks in my house!

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