Say " Gocco".. like locco.

I am doing a litte happy dance here at Chez-Anarchy since the delivery of my new-to-me Gocco machine. If you are not familiar with a Gocco here is the 411: Gocco is a small sized screen printing machine that has been around in Japan for going on 30 years. America was slow to pick up on the Gocco but it has been in the states since the late 70's. Alas the maker of the Gocco is a fickle company who keeps pulling them on and off production making those who own them bite their nails hoping that some other company will buy the rights to the machine and start making them and the supplies here in the U.S or any where for that matter!

I got my machine last week but was in the thick of party and Christmas plans so it sat until today.. Christmas day for me to play with it.. and play I did! Today was a beautiful day so I went out to snap a photo of the house. I took this photo into photoshop and converted it into a line drawing tweaking the contrast and such until I had a good "artsy" looking image of our house. I then printed it off and then made a copy of it on our copy machine ( that is one thing about the Gocco, you need a carbon based image to burn your image from, ink jet images will not do!).. So I burned the image with the little light box and flash bulbs that you use.. and FLASH!! literaly moments later I was ready to ink my screen and start printing.

20 minutes and 50 cards later I had a very nice stack of cards drying and lots of more plans in my head for future projects. If you want to know more take a peak at this video, the Etsy labs are all over all things Gocco and this is an even better explanation of how this little wonder of a machine


Very Mary said...


Oh, and ENVY.

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous! But you could make it up to me by inviting me over to play some day.....