Fun and funky cell kit!

EDIT : We are once again sold out of kits!! ( blush blush blush!).. before I buy more supplies I am going to build a waiting list to see if there is enough call for them. Please email me a if you want to be on the list.

Well it took a whole lot longer than I ever thought possible given all the interruptions of late but I am finally ready to get my Fun and Funky Cell kit out there for homeschoolers to enjoy. The kit comes packaged with full instructions and diagrams plus everything you need to make 1 plant cell and 1 animal cell. When finished the cells each measure about 6-7 inches square. Shipping is $2 per kit but shipping can be combined when placing multiple orders. The kits are $10 each and you can contact me at and I can send you a PayPal invoice for the amount due.
Oh!.. and if you want to transform your cells into large magnets so your kids can see them each day on the front of your refrigerator add and extra $1.50 per cell kit for the magnet sheet backing. This project is created to mesh perfectly with the cell study in the Real Science 4 Kids curriculum but works just as well with any study of cells.


Anonymous said...

So very cool!

Trying Traditional said...

now that is neat.

homeschoolers are a creative bunch