Head shakingly sad

My second oldest son spends hours per week volunteering for worthy causes in our city. It's one of the perks of homeschooling that we can make time in our week for such activities. Recently he has begun helping teaching children in one of our inner city schools to read. He works in the 5th grade class with children who have reading levels of 1st and 2nd graders. The work is challenging since these kids as a rule don't get a lot of help at home and books are a luxury that just don't appear in their lives.
It seems that another thing that does not appear in their lives is a consistent classroom teacher. In a conversation today with my son I found out that the school he volunteers in is mostly staffed by substitute teachers since the school can offer so little support to it's teachers that they are unable to keep full time teachers in the school.
So.. ok.. this is not good to say the least.. but wait wait.. it gets worse!.. It seems that there is some sort of law/ policy that if a substitute teacher is employed for more than 20 straight days that they must be given a pay raise that brings them up to the pay level of a full time teacher ( I would assume that this is less benefits).. so.. as for this not to happen our local school system and the school my son volunteers in in particular keeps no substitute for more than 19 days. So this means that these kids get a new teacher every 19 DAYS! This is a particular problem for the inner city schools and we then wonder why children trapped at these schools, fail, drop out early and over all don't give a f@ck.

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I don't know what city you're in, but I doubt that it's much different in any city. It's madness. I've certainly been aware of the disparities between rich and poor school districts, but I sure didn't know about this. I'm glad you're spreading the word - don't stop with your blog! No kid is going to get ahead when the teacher doesn't stay around long enough to know his or her name.