Like most people I launch into January with thoughts of getting organized. My first victim was my own craft studio since it's hard to rag on other people when your own stuff looks totally hellish!

This is before
And this is AFTER!
I am pleased with how it came out. I used the easy to mount Closet Maid Easy Track system which is about a hillion jillion times easier than some of the other systems out there. The key to the Easy track is on main VERY stout track that you hang at the top of it all and the uprights hang from there. This also makes it very flexible but in my case I was just going for straight strong shelves.
In other news I just about found the top of the dresser I use for storage of larger pieces of fabric but it needs a new paint job and some handles so yet another thing to add to my " to-do" list.
Folded fabric section is looking pretty good, now if I could just keep the cats off the stacks of fabric! I am still using this surface for touch up ironing so that I don't have to pull down the board each time. It's working well.

The sewing corner is a bit of a wild thing but not to bad over all. I need to do something with my chair.. the old orange vinyl is on it's last days and begging for a redo.
Next Up : The Schooling room {cue the spooky music}


Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty and peaceful!

Very Mary said...

I like scary music. I also like a little clutter in the craft room.