More Gocco Fun

Ok.... so much fun for such a small package! I used my "new to me" Gocco for two Baby Shower gifts that I needed in the next few weeks. Luck was with me and both babies are going to be boys so I sort of double dipped and made them the same thing. The image came from a sweet blogger friend and was just perfect for these little onesies. The colors in the cloth ink are sort of limited so I mixed this one up from white and a touch of bright blue. I made 6 onesies in all but could have printed more if I had more little baby things on which to print.
The plaid you see behind the outfits is the fabric I used to sew up little bags to put the gifts into. It was super cute fabric but the registration was off on the print making it a real bugger to work with.
Next up with the Gocco are some Chalice and flame cards for my work with my church.

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Very Mary said...

OMG. Those. are. perfect.