Valentines Banner with Vintage cards

It might be blue and white over at the Year of Color and I do promise to get to that soon but honestly who can resist playing with Valentines stuff??? Today during a run through our local megga thrift I scored a vintage vacuum flask for a dear friend and a whole smack load of BINGO cards! So once home and after the family was fed I ran to my craft room and started playing.

The colors of red and white in the BINGO cards just seemed to say Valentine so I pulled out my small but precious stock of vintage valentines. I am mid glitter ( or as my teen son says.. "The herpes of the craft world") but when done this will be a Valentine's Day Garland. I am thinking of PDfing this and making it into a free printable little kit with instruction if anyone is interested.

In other news my 11 year old got it in his mind to make Biscotti today (yes all by himself.. recipe from the Joy of Cooking)... DANG it is good. Alas I am not suppose to have any so have been trying to be good... but I swear I can hear it calling me from the kitchen. I thought I might just die when he also decided to dip it in chocolate! Here it is.. pre-dip!

ohhhh..maybe just one.


Very Mary said...

I'm interested! I am! Me! Over here! pdf!

Barbara said...

I love the idea for the banner - almost as much as I love your son's description of glitter. I don't know a lot about STDs (thank God!) but I do know that once you get a little glitter on something, you can never really get rid of it .... I'm sure there's a teachable moment in there somewhere.

Katie said...

I am all for the garland idea!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Those are SOME Biscotti! Perfect rise to them!
Cute Valentine idea too.