Valentine Garland for you!

I hope everyone enjoys the this tiny little project in preparation for the month of February. As opposed to just one day I think it's a fine idea to spend the whole month letting the people you love know how much you care about them. ( Not that you shouldn't during other parts of a year but people start to wonder about you if you pass out Valentines in July!)

The printable supplies for this project can be found here:

The sheet of Vintage Valentines & Sheet of BINGO cards These are PDF files and when you get to the download site just bypass all of their adware and go to the gray box ( #2) towards the middle center of the screen and click to download the files.

Tomorrow I will be back with some loverly instructions. But.. wait wait.. there's more!.. I have one premade v- day banner kit in a super cute tin to give away to one lucky lucky blog reader. Here is the deal.. let people on your blog know about the free download/project here and then let me know you did it by leaving a comment.. i will then put your name in the hat for the free goodies and a very cute bonus that everyone will see tomorrow!. simple hu? and of course the people you tell about it can do the same thing.. etc etc....

See you then!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Maddie! I have linked to your Valentine Garland. Go take a look at the wallet I made :)