Welcome back! and please cast your glance towards this fun little garland.

I am sorry that I am getting here later than I had hoped today. All my fault since I am obviously nothing more than a technological Luddite. For the better part of the morning my keyboard was not working right. I was getting all sorts of errors and garbage typing when I went to compose. So of course I swore, and grunted, fussed and fumed and generally carried on about the shoddy goods that are produced these days.
You see this is not even stupid once, it's stupid TWO TIMES.. as I was cursing at my wireless keyboard that goes to my LAP TOP ~hint hint~ it finally occurred to me.. Wireless...~looks deep into brain~ WIRE--LESS.. hmmm could the batteries be low?.. well why yes the little red light on the keyboard was not but a mere glimmer when it is a normally blinding laser light of justice!.. so after a nice " I could have had a V-8" style head smack I go to hunt up some batteries in the BATTERY DRAWER.. and yes.. you are quick.. NO AA batteries. Not a one.. even after I just bought the smack-load sized pack at Sam's last month! So back to fuming at children with MP3 players that do not recharge and the world in general and then making a big fuss about the fact that I was going to have to go to the store in our oh-so cold 16 degree weather .. then and only then did one of my little cherubs ask me why I could not just type on the LAPTOP keyboard ..yes I am just that stupid sometimes. ~sigh~
Anyway.. on with the show! I will assume at this point that you have downloaded and printed off some BINGO cards and vintage valentines. Depending on how big you want your garland will determine how many to print. I have 6 of each image (not pages) and it makes a 5ish foot garland. I recommend printing onto cream colored light weight card stock but white will work.
After printing, cut out the cards into triangles for the BINGO cards and to shape for the valentines. It's then time to give them that "vintage" look that you would have if you just happened to own a whole pile of old BINGO cards and some vintage V-day cards.
I like to rub the paper lightly on the edges with a light brown ink pad and also go lightly over the face and back of the item. Add to that some stick glue on the edges and then dip the cards in a bit of glitter if you are so inclined ( I am inclined, I love glitter.. sick I know.. but the sparkle is magic to me).
Now let them dry for a bit and when easy to handle come back in and add small bits of detail and fluff. I chose to use some nice blue glitter and hi-light the blue parts on each valentine.
I was a bit willy nilly with this and sometimes it was bows and skirt, sometimes shoes and bow, really whatever blew my skirt up at the moment. This is the totally free form part, make it yours!Moving right along I raided the button box to find some great red buttons to put on the point of each BINGO card triangle. This served two purposes, first.. cute cute cute.. second, it added some weight to the garland assuring that it would hang well. At that point I let them whole thing dry over-night and then the next morning I brushed off all the extra glitter and punch holes in the corners and strung it up on a ribbon. I chose black, not the most V-day color but the red ribbon I had was "too-red" compared to the vintage tone of the project. In the give-away kit I am going to include either cream ribbon or red and white bakers twine for stringing... see, I learn from my mistakes!

For a little bloggy-bonus I am including a mated pair of genuine vintage - bought directly from a little old lady garage sale- cardinals. These guys add the sweetest touch to hanging this banner and I hope the winner of the package really enjoys them! I have mine mounted on little clothes pins but I think it might be super cute to hook the banner ribbon to their beaks with a bit of hot glue and then use them to hold the banner that way.

Please consider leaving at least a short comment when you download the file, it's nice to know when people appreciate the time we blogger take to make these projects. Remember, to have a chance at winning the vintage garland kit with all the supplies ready to go ( including glitter, glue, birds and printed images) you will need to post a link up on your blog and then let me know about it. Drawing will be on Saturday the 31st!
** Edited to say.. yep.. turns out that my head is up my arse and not everyone has a blog, so if you let me know in the comment line I will enter your blog-less little name in the contest too!

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