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Perhaps you are wondering.. Maddie has not shown off any cool finds of late.. has she given up thrifting?.. no no dear reader, I still thrift but am trying to cut back since my house is about to explode with thrifty goodness as it is!. But fear not, the occasional find is just tooooo fruity delicious to pass up. Enter the standard issue public school wonderfulness of these desks. One is a marvy blue and the other we are calling melon orange since since calling it pink or "salmon" makes it hard to get a little boy it sit at it each day!
In anycase the desks were a steal at $10 each and solve the " he's jiggling his foot and kicking the table cry" that I often hear. The legs need to be sanded and given a nice new coat of metal paint but that will have to wait until Spring since spray painting indoors is lethal stuff!

In other news it seems I continue my love/obsession with little wicker suitcases. It really borders on crazy at this point but I sure do love them and find them perfect for storing so many different craft supplies by topic or purpose. I found a cute little one about two weeks ago and it is holding my rubber stamps and my big new one is the perfect size for all my Gocco inks and masters.

My guidelines for purchase are simple but help in keeping me from bringing home every little wicker piece I see. They must have good strong hinges, in tact handles and a good closure. I usually strip out the insides since they are often fitted with straps to hold tea party of picnic stuff.. and if needed i then insert a piece of Luan board in the lid that I have fitted out to hold what I need to store. ( example: little loops sized to hold paintbrushes etc..)
In yet more news, we had a HUGE tree taken down. Why you ask.? ( after all we are tree huggers). Well, just take a gander at how much this 89 year old fellow was listing over, right into my house! Over the past month of rather heavy rains for our area the tree seemed to be lifting from the ground and leaning more each day. We loved that tree but we loved our house and our cars even more so out it had to come ( cha-ching!). The ground was too wet to bring in the big boom truck so the guys hand climbed it and brought it down limb by limb. If you look very carefully at the photo you can see they guy in the tree as he was stripping the left side of the tree on the way up. The boys spent their whole afternoon watching them work, from way far on the OTHER side of the driveway!

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Oy! I have such Gocco envy!!