A Whimsy Winner!

Lilygloves93.. you are the WINNER!.. Please contact me at maddie6@bellsouth.net so I can get your Whimsy in the mail to you!

Pardon the Dust

While I take a few days off there are going to be some visual format changes around here.. no worries but it might look a bit odd for a few days! Hopefully it will be all up and working when I get back to blogging with some nifty new things in just a few days! Until then.. pardon the dust!

It Would Have Made Her Smile

I don't know where I got this photo but it would have made my Mother in Law smile. In her better days she would have printed it out and hung it up. My Mother in Law, Irene Kertay ( age 92) died this morning after a couple week stay at hospice. She passed quietly after having had time with all of her children.

I will be out of pocket for a few days taking care of all the details and family matters that come at a time like this. But hope to be back all the fun things we do around here by next week at which time we will do the whimsy bag drawing. Thanks for your understanding.

Wrap me up!

Ok, if it just happens that on the way to the hospice there is a thrift shop. I think that might be a sign that I am suppose to stop in there huh? ( it also possibly means I am a bad person for driving to the hospice by way of the thrift shop.. you pick)
In anycase I shall not quible my moral slippery slope when one finds a handmade quilt as wonderful as this sitting and wating for me to find it! A generous queen size.. two little birds on each corner, just about perfect condition with the exception of a little rip on the backing. ~sigh~ Some things are just meant to be. Not to mention that my MIL was a huge quilter and I think she would would approve.
As an update: mom is still hanging in there but her blood pressure is getting unsteady and we spend time switching on and off being with her.

Whimsy Bags

Perfect for zig-zagging onto cards, tying up little packages or just staring at and swooning over all the pretty fabric colors. If you think one of these packages needs to come to your home, just drop me a note and let me know!.. I will pick a lucky winner in a few days!

The Winner is........

Well now ,despite all the things getting in my way these days that was a bit of fun in a very stressful week. Congratualtions to Sue Cahill You are the lucky winner of 1 of the Mini-Jellies full off all sorts of wonderful colors. I hope to get it in the mail on Monday morning. Until then have a SWEET holiday!

Valentine's Red, White and Pink Give Away!

What fun!.. who does not want to win some wonderful and sweet new fabric?? I have culled from my stash enough fabric with pink, white or red to make some rather wonderful mini-jelly rolls and I want to share one with you! Sign up will open on the 10th ( that is this coming Tuesday) and close on midnight - EST on the 13th. The WINNER will be drawn on the 14th soon as I can get my sleep deprived arse out of bed! I will be using the highly scientific method of asking my kids to pick a number and then counting down through the blog comments to find that person!
I invite anyone else who would also like to give way some red-white and pink fabric to grab the button at the right and post it up on your blog with a link back to here. Let me know you have done this and I will list your site over there for all to find!
Good luck to everyone!
2/12/09 edit
Dear all, keep entering I am watching, just very busy with a very sick child who is having trouble breathing so I am up all night with him plus all the day time stuff. The drawing will indeed happen on the morning of the 14th unless we end up in the hosptial.. if that does occur I shall draw as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding!

Color me a stupid dork!

~sigh~.. in the rush that is my life with caring for my MIL I misread the stash giveaway and chose my winners today from those who have signed up during the past few days. PLEASE accept my sincere apologies to those who have not been able to play since I am a total dork.

But to make it up ( since this was indeed fun!).. I will be hosting a Valentines Giveaway of Red, Pink and White themed fabric. The giveaway will open on the 10th and I will DRAW on the 14th so you must have your name in by 12pm on the 13th (EST).. Make sense?
I will have the contest button up by tomorrow so if you would also like to give away some red, pink and white fabric to some unsuspecting winner I would love you to play along. If you will be playing along drop me a note here and I will post your name and site up on my side bar so others can find you!


This has been so much fun that I went ahead a picked TWO winners.
Stacey- Luv2knit
Jilly from Canada
Please drop by soon .. I have a package I need to send your way. Please let me know if you would like a stash of yarn or or fabric... it's up to you!

The Hat is now closed.

The hat is now closed.... the lucky winner will be drawn sometime this afternoon. So do check back! :)


Tick Tock.. just about 5 more hours ( Eastern time) till I will close out the hat for the stash drawing. Good luck to everyone!!

She loved Violets

We called in Hospice today for my Mother in law. They don't think she has many days left and she is going to be very missed when she goes. This has thrown a little kink in my " get stuff done plans"..but as they say.. people before things. Be back soon as I am able. Please keep putting your name in the hat.. the stash will go out. She was a big fabric lover and would want that to go on.

Drop your name in the hat

Drop your name in the hat for the Feb. 4th great stash giveaway ( link to the right for other give aways). In my pile I have assorted cotton prints in a Jelly roll or Charm pack or some, some supper yummy yarn,( did I hear some say cashmere?). You win.. you get to pick!

Goodness.. who knew!

Well I have to say that I am blushing. I am sold out of felted cell kits and am going to have to order more supplies. It's been a verrrry busy week here at the Anarchy household. Husband hurt his back and ended up over at the spine center (things looking better), mother in law is in the hospital ( things not looking better at all!) #4 child has bronchitis and I see a doctors visit in our life very soon. ...but I am smiling because you like my cells... you really like them! If you still want one...never fear I hope to have supplies in by the end of the week and I will make up more kits.. just write me. maddie6@bellsouth.net

In other news..... Will Diane who is very very far away please report to the Domestic Anarchy waiting room?... it seems you have been picked as the winner of the Valentine's Day Banner kit!