Color me a stupid dork!

~sigh~.. in the rush that is my life with caring for my MIL I misread the stash giveaway and chose my winners today from those who have signed up during the past few days. PLEASE accept my sincere apologies to those who have not been able to play since I am a total dork.

But to make it up ( since this was indeed fun!).. I will be hosting a Valentines Giveaway of Red, Pink and White themed fabric. The giveaway will open on the 10th and I will DRAW on the 14th so you must have your name in by 12pm on the 13th (EST).. Make sense?
I will have the contest button up by tomorrow so if you would also like to give away some red, pink and white fabric to some unsuspecting winner I would love you to play along. If you will be playing along drop me a note here and I will post your name and site up on my side bar so others can find you!


Sherry said...

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself! I enjoyed looking at your blog anyway!

Have a wonderful day!

Penny said...

Don't worry about it - at times like this, your priority has to be round the people you know in Real Life.