Goodness.. who knew!

Well I have to say that I am blushing. I am sold out of felted cell kits and am going to have to order more supplies. It's been a verrrry busy week here at the Anarchy household. Husband hurt his back and ended up over at the spine center (things looking better), mother in law is in the hospital ( things not looking better at all!) #4 child has bronchitis and I see a doctors visit in our life very soon. ...but I am smiling because you like my cells... you really like them! If you still want one...never fear I hope to have supplies in by the end of the week and I will make up more kits.. just write me.

In other news..... Will Diane who is very very far away please report to the Domestic Anarchy waiting room?... it seems you have been picked as the winner of the Valentine's Day Banner kit!

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