No Wicked Wednesday today, still feeling icky with this cold and ready to hit the sheets. But I promise an Super Wicked post next week to make it up to you :)

Pass the tisue please

Oh my ... I am So sick!... I have tried to type this sentence 3 times but keep sneezing so much that I can't even get it out! ( that took like 3 minutes to type!) Achooooooooooooo! It's just a Spring cold but dang!.. I have so much I need to get done and yet can't stop dripping and sneezing and then if I take meds to stop I am like a pile of cosmic goo.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a medication weeny?.. yep.. even the day stuff puts me to sleep like I was hit by a baseball bat. So for now I am not taking anything.. just suffering. No fun at all.

First Purse is Done!

Well time did get away from me but this weekend I put the finishing touches on my first purse of Spring. It is made from a vintage tea-towel and lined with some great fabric from my stash. I put two custom pockets on the inside. One zipped for my wallet and other deep but open for easy access to my cell phone. I made the strap longer than usual so I can wear it cross style/secure when out shopping. Overall I am quite happy with it! The part I groove on the most is how the flowers on the tea towel look so like the flower and color of my fabric. A very cool coincidence!

More Coolness.. be still my little heart!

Ohhhhh, whip out those debit cards my dears since this product is SO worth it. This is printable fabric that can go through your ink-jet printer with ease! It comes on a roll or in pre-cut sheets to make things even more simple. I am using mine for the tags on a new semi-hush hush project that I am working on ( don't worry I will spill the beans pretty soon).. but in the mean time I was looking for a way to make some fabric sample tags until I decide on a final look for the semi hush-hush project.

I looked into ordering tags right off but after looking at the prices ( SMACK HEAD AND FALL OVER INA DEAD FAINT!) I looked for other options. Well this stuff fit the bill like a dream! It prints beautifully, no smearing or anything. The ink stays fast and waterproof but I did see just a wee bit of fade in the color after 2 runs through Mr. Washy when testing samples. But perfectly acceptable for beta samples or items that will never get washed!

I order mine from Dharma Trading but I hear you can find it at Joann's fabric ( alas I do not have a Joann's but if you do make sure to use their 40% off coupon which will bring the price down to $10ish bucks per roll!)

I can think of TONS of cool projects for this fabric.. what can you think of??

Garnish... ~swoon~

Good Grief~.. Have you ever found a place with such cool stuff that it makes you all silly? Well today's find is Garnish These folks have some of the coolest packaging stuff I have seen in a long time and you don't have to buy a ton.. small orders seem to be very welcome. So when you need something perfect for the favors at your next party.. or want to send a gift that really shows you care go take a look.. lot of ideas to be had and freely given. A good find indeed!

Isn't He Handsome!

May I introduce you to Icon, we have only just met and yet he has already asked me to call him "Ike" and I hope we will have many happy years together. I have heard it said that he can be rather chilly to some folks but to me he is rather hot.

Below you can see him in his relaxed state after just arriving. He is still waiting for his fine cabinet and upper grill to be attached but is being ever so patient since I do not think I am going to be able to help him out until this weekend when things calm down around here.

Showing his bolder side Ike flashes for the camera showing off his amazing amount of storage space and fine lines. His freezer side is just as big and bold making him equally charming on both sides.

It is my great hope that Ike plays nice with my already beloved duel fuel beauty named Ellie. If not, Angry Bunny ( seen up on the shelf) will play referee and all will be well!

Naughty Knickers!.. It's Wicked Wednesday!!

Ah, 7 days have flown by with lots of stuff going on here are Chez Anarchy including a bit of planning for a shopping trip for new Spring frillies! Anybody who knows me knows that I am a firm believer that what you wear UNDER you clothes has a great effect on how you feel and project yourself on the outside. So 4-6 times a year I treat myself to all new undergarments. While this might sound extravagant it's easy to save a bit here and there and make this a very doable adventure.

Heck, if you are into sewing you can even sew up some naughty/cute knickers and make it a green effort to boot. Angry Chicken has done just that to wonderful results. Also look here at Supernatural for further wonderful undie ideas for those old but still so cool rock star t-shirts turned rockin' new undies!

Let's face it bras and panties wear out and yet as mothers we often feel that until they fall into tatters that we are obligated to wear them. Well no longer! Out go the panties with the wiskering elastic around the waist and legs. Out go the bras that are as non-supportive as ex-husbands! In come attractive comfortable and SEXY undergarments that flatter our figures and make us feel like the Hot-Mamas we are.

Hot-Mamas do not wear white cotton granny panties but that does not mean you have to buy something that looks like a wisp of lace and a piece of dental floss, but if you want to, I won't stop you and I bet your husband would love it! I call those extra-undies and think everyone should also have a nice stock of those for life's more intimate moments! Luckily fun and flirty undies come in all shapes and sizes and I promise you they will do wonders for your outlook on life!

While you are out get a real bra fitting. yes I know you were a 36 B in highschool and you think you are the same size now, but just humor me and go check, the stats say that there is a 85% chance you are wearing the wrong bra size.. so go prove me wrong! But if I just happen to be right take heart, a well fitting bra will take 5-10 pounds off of your appearance.

If you are feeling quite daring and are of the size, take a look at Victoria's Secret for some very racy panty and bra sets that are sure to keep you feeling like a girl even under the most modest of clothing options. If you happen to be a plus sizer like I am take a look at Lane Bryant for some very nice selections for the more curvy among us. But most important of all, take a look in your panty drawer, if there is underwear in there that is older than your youngest child, it's time you went shopping!

But Ma, he followed me home!

Oh good grief... I have no idea how he made it home with me but he sure does make me smile!


I don't often post on Saturday but had a few moments so I thought I would share my "big find" from last week at my local Semi-thrift. It's a 1930's kitchen from somewhere in England. Can you even imagine having all of your food and prep area in such a tiny space?.. and yet that is how it was and still is for many who are "over the pond".
The huge kitchen idea seems to be a very American born idea, and I will admit to being just as guilty given that my kitchen is "bigger than the average bear" and yet I still look for places to put stuff ( I see some stuff going to the church rummage sale pretty soon !) anywhooooo I digress.. this cabinet made it home with me last week and has found it's new home in my old studio for now and I am using it for a cutting station and rubber stam storage. Soon enough ( this Summer) it's going to have a brand new spot to live in my brand spanking new space that is twice as big as the one I have now! ~happy dance~

I am using my saved up stash of clementine cartons for organizing my stash of rubber stamps in the new cabinet. I love free organization! What are some of life's "free things" that YOU use to help you get orgainzed??

Not the call I was expecting

There are only a couple of times in my life that I have felt so helpless as I did after answering the phone this morning. You see 2 days ago I have my routine mammogram and had thought little of it since that time. But today the phone rang and it was the breast care center saying that I needed to come back in right away.

I am going to skip to the end here and tell you that I am all right and that the spot they saw turns out to be a safe and possibly a freaky little milk duct after all these years of not nursing!.. I mean I have not nursed in 6 years! But the ability be rational after getting that call and getting over to the center was so difficult and not something I wish for anyone. luckily the spot was small and it would have been early, this is why we have such would have been the best shot at saving my life if they had told me it was more serious than it turned out to be.

My message to you is, if you are over 40 get thy self to your mammogram, if you are without insurance call and find an organization that gives them free or at a discount. It does not hurt, maybe a bit of a smash but otherwise it's easy and come on.. your 9th grade boyfriend felt you up more than the nice Mamo-tech is ever going to do! So don't be shy, you can do this. and if not for yourself do it for those you love, they need you.


p.s. Will be back tomorrow with the previously mentioned big cool thing that I got at the semi-thrift.

Getting Dishy!

I could not be happier with these vintage English dishes I scored this past weekend at my local semi-thrift. It was not a full set but I did get 4 dinner plates and 4 salad/luncheon plates for the most wonderful prices of $2! Best part besides the very cute Fall print is that the dinner plates are a nice reasonable size that makes you feel like you have a full plate even when you are trying to be more conservative with the portions! I have them washed and ready to put away till Fall but gosh.. I am enjoying them so much that I might just move them into rotation now for the total way that they make me smile.

The next thing to make me smile is the little birdies I have been making out of paper clay and rusted wire. I love the way the paper clay feels in my fingers as I hand form these sweet little tweets. This little guy has on his first coat of paint and is sitting patiently as he dries and gets ready for details and antiquing. I plan to give a few of these away for sweet Spring gifts to a few crafty folks I know who will appreciate them :) If you think you are one of the people who would appreciate one of these to make your Spring brighter leave your name in the comments and maybe one will fly your way soon :)

Check back in tomorrow when I show you the very large thing I brought home from the Semi-thrift... hint.. it's almost 80 years old but as charming as the day it was made!

Of Lust, Lube and Being over 40, it's Wicked Wednesday!

Some things about being over 40 are wonderful. More self confidence, self awareness and feeling more settled in life. Other things.. stretch marks, gray hairs and shifting hormones are another story. With shifting hormones ( or medication, or childbirth and breastfeeding) sometimes comes the issues that are best helped with a bit of artificial lubrication. Lucky for us this is any easy fix and dryness should never get in the way of a healthy sexual relationship.

Of course you can find a small selection of lubes at your local drug store and there is nothing wrong with them. Astro Glide is one of the biggest selling lubes on the market and you can even get it at your grocery store in the feminine products aisle! But if you are sensitive to it or just want to know what else is out there you either have to make you way to a local " ladies store" that carries such things or get online and do some searching.

One of the best online sources is Good Vibrations ,but I am also fond of Blowfish for those who are looking for even more product line. Alas, I do not have affiliate status at Blowfish so am much more knowledgeable about the product line at GV but I think you can feel quite comfortable shopping at either one.

When looking for a new lube it can help to know if you are allergic to anything or have trouble with yeast. If you do then look towards those products that are formulated for these issues. One of the best is Sliquid. Silquid is organic, and free of many of the things that can irritate delicate skin. It's fragrance free and priced comparable to other quality lubes. For those who would like to try a couple of different types of glycerin free products then you can't beat the Sugar Free Sampler package since there is no bigger bummer than a cool bottle of lube that is no good for you!

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones with no sensitivity, well then it's a buyer paradise for you! How about picking a beautiful product like Pink. Pink is beautifully packaged and a quality product that looks beautiful enough to sit on your nightstand without making anyone look twice. Pink Lube is a high-grade silicone lube with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera it is Condom safe and easy to wash off, Pink Lube CANNOT be used with silicone toys.

For those looking for a thicker product Sliquid Sassy is the product for you. This thick, long-lasting lube is uniquely blended to emulate your body’s natural lubrication. The water-based gel is perfect for multiple uses and can be “reactivated” with water. It's a great option for people with skin sensitivities, this lube is also scent and flavor free, and boasts no animal testing.

For more help in picking a product of any sexual sort I love the article guide at GV. Fresh, fun and factual ( hey, I made a rhyme!) it's the place to turn when you have questions and you don't know quite where to turn!

Monday is for Winners!

SUE CAHILL... you are the winner. By process of Random Number Generator* Sue will be getting a package of funky vintage sewing items and a wee sweet bit of my vintage thready stash to brighten her almost Spring day. Sue, please contact me with your address

* Usually I let my boys pick a number but they fought like weasles in a sock about it so I had to go all techno and go here and get my number picked. ( I honestly am not sure I will survive another rainy/wet/cold day here.. these kids need to get outside!!!!)

Going back in the time machine

I saw this posted photo from my blog in my new inlinks ( bottom of each new post) and it was such a coincidence since when at the thrift yesterday the other thing I scored was some rather nifty vintage pillow cases that I thought I would use to make a few more of these! The hanger bags harken back to the days when ladies had special items to go with each outfit and so you would put them in the dainty bag and then hang your outfit on the hanger so everything was together. I remember my grandmother having multiple hangers like this and I was in love with them even as a little girl!

I still have a hefty stash of vintage zippers but am also thinking about doing one to showcase some of my vintage buttons... decisions decisions. Vintage pillowcases are usually pretty easy to find in most thrift stores and are wonderful for lots of types of crafts. Check out this great book for inspiration!

Thrift store score and a giveaway!

See what $10 can buy?... well it did not buy this exact one but one quite a lot like it and it's now sitting on my front porch waiting to be moved into the house. The only difference is that mine has sliding shelves which if I do say so I think that makes it even more cool. For now it's going to have to get shoved into the back room until I can make more sense of things this Summer. But I see it as a great place for rubber stamps, cool paper and lots of other stuff that makes me giddy :)
Another very cool find is this batch of vintage thread in yummy Spring colors along with a whole BOX FULL of vintage/funky/cool sewing notions. But even I cannot hold onto this much coolness so if you are in need of a bit of funky old and cool sewing stuff and a spool or two of yummy thread leave a comment and I will draw a name on Sunday :) If you refer another name to the blog and leave another comment then you will get two chances :)

Rubber Ducky You are the One!

Don't ask me where the week went since I have no idea. What I do know is that it's Wicked Wednesday once again here in the Anarchy studio and today we are going to talk about things that buzzzzz. See that little guy above? He is not just your normal ducky, he is so much more and he can be your best bath time friend ever. Even better if you have a tub big enough for two! Rub my Ducky is a waterproof three speed bit of bath time bliss. For those who are a bit shy or intimidated by some of the more realistic products on the market this is a great place to start. Best part is that he can sit right on the edge of the tub and not even your nosey Mother in Law will know what sort of wonderful wicked things you have been up to! I am totally hoping that this cute little guy ends up in my Easter basket!

And if the Easter bunny just happens to be listening I could be totally happy if he slipped this book into my basket as well as these wonderful looking massage candles

For those who think the sexiest organ is our brains here are some reads that I have enjoyed in the past few days

Sex, Lies and Photoshop this article makes the quick point that we don't have to be what the media think is " sexy" to be a sexual person and sexually expressive in our own skin. Take a moment to click on the DOVE video that they have in on their site link. It's well worth the 1.24 minutes.

Give me the best one you got. Think you might want to get a vibe but don't have any idea where to start? After all it's not like a car and you can't take it out for a test drive ( yeh I know, gross). This article is written by one of the long time Good Vibrations workers and has some sage advice for those looking for a quality product to meet their needs, and desires!

Remember, as always Wicked Wednesday and it's links run through my Good Vibrations affiliate account for credit so if you do want to order a bit of something for your own Easter basket please click through on one of these links since that is what will enable me to offer some nifty Good Vibes giveaway goodies in the coming months.

It Takes So Little...

Some days it takes so little to make me smile. Today's smile maker comes from Target, the land of all good things. I needed to make a stop there to pick up some Summer shorts for the boys ( all of a sudden it's 75 degrees here!) so of course I had to make my quick run through the Target dollar spot at the front of the store. The dollar spot is all decked out for Easter and while there were lots of cute things there was nothing I wanted until I spotted the packages of Decorative paper shred. So very cute but not destined for an Easter basket. Where it will be found is as packing material on little gifts, orders and what not I send out that often needs a bit of cushioning.
Of course it now totally has me eyeing my office paper shredder with many new and crafty thoughts!

In other news I came home to my order from Bake it Pretty... ~swoon~ such wonderful stuff and such reasonable prices! I got the very cute and much coveted button shaped candy molds, some beyond cute paper cups for Spring cupcakes and a whole set of forest friends cake toppers.

Check back.. since afterall, tomorrow is " Wicked Wednesday"

The first purse of Spring

I am almost afraid to say it to loud but I think Spring might be here and you what Spring means don't you?.... Time for a new purse!! Time to tuck away the leather and start the ever rotating collections slightly funky bags that make my children wince as I carry them with pride.

The first purse of Spring is being made from a very cool and funky owl print tea towel that I found at my local thrift shop. I have so far cut the towel in half and cut off the seams and am now working on making the inside lining and pockets from the blue floral fabric that was a lucky find in my own stash! I am thinking about some funkly bamboo handles to really bring the whole 70's groove into focus. Dang, I love Spring!

Stamp Happy

Some people relax by twisting their bodies into odd positions and going Ommmmm on a yoga mat, others hit the road for a walk with nature. And while I find both of these things nice to do nothing relaxes me more than a quiet evening of carving. More to the point stamp carving.
Inspiration is never far at hand when you have the Internet at your disposal. The images above come from the very cool hands of CraftPudding. Her stamps always make me swoon and for those who will never pick up the tool and give it a try I suggest buying up her very cute stuff at every chance you get.
But for those who want to give it a try it can be a bit hard to find supplies so I always turn to my favorite art supply place - Dick Blick. If I happen to be in Atlanta I always stop by but if not their fabulous selection of stuff is only a click away.
For stamp carving I really like the ease of Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks this Speedy Carve rubber. While it looks just like those freaky little pink erasers we use to have in high school it's more flexible, less chippy and just the right depth to get a nice dimension in a carved image but not so deep that it's a waste. I have found smaller bits at some local craft shops but for the money buying it in a sheet is the way to go.
For my carving tools I go pretty simple Speedball Linoleum Cutters This set being just about as cheap as it gets but it more than gets the job done. Older versions of this set have a wooden handle which is equally nice but they don't seem to make it any more. With this selection of tips you can carve just about any image you want from simple to fantastic.
Check out these two products and then take a look at these two links so you can understand more about the carving process. Tomorrow when there is some better light I will get some photos of some of the images I have been working on in the recent past.
If lack of an artistic bone in your body has kept you from stamp carving in the past never fear!.. check out Craft Pudding for some of the best ideas out there and where to find them!
The Small Object is total eye candy and inspiration for tiny stamp makers

Things That Make My Kids Go...eeeeewwwwwww

Here at Domestic Anarchy we are all about everything positive. Education - heck yeah, let's all be free to learn in the best way possible. Crafting.. yes indeed, lets make this world a prettier place by putting out some great eye candy and lifting out spirits with hand work of all kinds.
What I have not talked a lot about of late is the positive marriage stuff.. more to the point the stuff that make my teens go "ewwwwwwwwww.. mind soap. pass the mind soap" Yes folks.. we are talking about rocking the marriage bed and how a great sex life really can make for a much happier marriage. ( That noise you hear is my kids who read my blog violently clicking on the "back" button trying to get away from this post )

From now on I am going to be doing " Wicked Wednesdays", where I share cool stuff I have found, product reviews and fun all dedicated to making marriage more sexy and fun. Part of doing that is feeling good about ourselves both physically and mentally. The other part is how we express that " feeling good" to our husbands ( insert the word partner for husband if you swing that way.. it's all OK with me) With a little luck I am going to be having some " wicked" giveaways from one of my new affiliates GOOD VIBRATIONS . If you are not familiar with Good Vibes go give them a look. I promise I will be here when you get back!
OK.. back now? That is a a whole bunch of fun stuff and some of it you might never have seen before. Rest assured that there is something there for everyone. From the most timid to the most adventurous among us. One of my favorite sections at Good Vibes is the book department so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite titles.

The first is Real Live Nude Girl - The writer Carol Queen is well known for her role in being a sexual educator and this is her book that follows her life and experiences that lead her towards a PhD in the field of Sexuality. I always enjoy picking up this book and find her style of writing to be engaging without being to precious with the details.

For talking with your teen kids about sex without looking like an out of touch ninny I suggest Third Based Ain't What it Used To Be - This book does not pull any punches and acts more like a crash course in how to get your language on par with what your kids are talking about today when it comes to sex. A must read.

On my next to read list is Mating in Captivity This looks to be a great book about the role sexuality plays in marriage. If you have read it drop me a comment and tell me what you thought of the book.

Homeschoolers Giveaway

Not much going on over here today but it's the first week of the March Homeschoolers Giveway over at Homeschool Confidential ( my business site). Feel free to bop on over and enter!