The first purse of Spring

I am almost afraid to say it to loud but I think Spring might be here and you what Spring means don't you?.... Time for a new purse!! Time to tuck away the leather and start the ever rotating collections slightly funky bags that make my children wince as I carry them with pride.

The first purse of Spring is being made from a very cool and funky owl print tea towel that I found at my local thrift shop. I have so far cut the towel in half and cut off the seams and am now working on making the inside lining and pockets from the blue floral fabric that was a lucky find in my own stash! I am thinking about some funkly bamboo handles to really bring the whole 70's groove into focus. Dang, I love Spring!


Unknown said...

I hope you bring this purse next time you come to the office-I would love to see the end result!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled over your blog and love it. So warm, affectionate with this little twinkle in the eye. Surely I will pass by again. Paula

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!