Getting Dishy!

I could not be happier with these vintage English dishes I scored this past weekend at my local semi-thrift. It was not a full set but I did get 4 dinner plates and 4 salad/luncheon plates for the most wonderful prices of $2! Best part besides the very cute Fall print is that the dinner plates are a nice reasonable size that makes you feel like you have a full plate even when you are trying to be more conservative with the portions! I have them washed and ready to put away till Fall but gosh.. I am enjoying them so much that I might just move them into rotation now for the total way that they make me smile.

The next thing to make me smile is the little birdies I have been making out of paper clay and rusted wire. I love the way the paper clay feels in my fingers as I hand form these sweet little tweets. This little guy has on his first coat of paint and is sitting patiently as he dries and gets ready for details and antiquing. I plan to give a few of these away for sweet Spring gifts to a few crafty folks I know who will appreciate them :) If you think you are one of the people who would appreciate one of these to make your Spring brighter leave your name in the comments and maybe one will fly your way soon :)

Check back in tomorrow when I show you the very large thing I brought home from the Semi-thrift... hint.. it's almost 80 years old but as charming as the day it was made!


Anonymous said...

Duh!!! I am needing new dishes and forgot about the thrift store. Thank you for the knock up-side the head!
I am loving the Bird!! I love all things birdish. I guess my name was destiny. Cute!! You done good girlfriend!

Trying Traditional said...

I enjoy thrifting, you just never know what little bargain will brighten your day and your home. The bird is so sweet! It's a lovely shade of blue, can't wait to see it all finished.

free indeed said...

Birds are so in these days...I love them on fabric and want to make a spring purse when I can get my hands on some...the vintage looking kind....much like your little fellow. I would appreciate such a companion on my sewing room windowsill if he so chooses to fly to Maine.

free indeed said...

I'm so into dishes too! I picked up a set of Kathie Winkle dishes at a community garage sale...nearly complete. I love those dishes...she did alot of geometrics on her plates and yes, these are much smaller than today's standard....these were the proper serving size I'm sure..not the overloaded ones today that have made us all obese! There were no cups but found a perfect matching shade of older coffee cups that compliment them perfectly. I'm about to put them away for my rose dishes for spring and summer...another lovely setting ala walmart! Had one fellow ask if he could be rude enough to check out my 'china' pattern...he thought they were old good stuff....nope, wally world lovelies. snicker. Love your new acquisition....I fear not having space to store from season to season, but I love dishes!