Going back in the time machine

I saw this posted photo from my blog in my new inlinks ( bottom of each new post) and it was such a coincidence since when at the thrift yesterday the other thing I scored was some rather nifty vintage pillow cases that I thought I would use to make a few more of these! The hanger bags harken back to the days when ladies had special items to go with each outfit and so you would put them in the dainty bag and then hang your outfit on the hanger so everything was together. I remember my grandmother having multiple hangers like this and I was in love with them even as a little girl!

I still have a hefty stash of vintage zippers but am also thinking about doing one to showcase some of my vintage buttons... decisions decisions. Vintage pillowcases are usually pretty easy to find in most thrift stores and are wonderful for lots of types of crafts. Check out this great book for inspiration!


sewfunky said...

I just love inlinks for doing that - I've come across some long forgotten posts that I've made. Some of them I wish would stay forgotten though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen these - great idea! (And oddly, we had those pillowcases growing up.)