Isn't He Handsome!

May I introduce you to Icon, we have only just met and yet he has already asked me to call him "Ike" and I hope we will have many happy years together. I have heard it said that he can be rather chilly to some folks but to me he is rather hot.

Below you can see him in his relaxed state after just arriving. He is still waiting for his fine cabinet and upper grill to be attached but is being ever so patient since I do not think I am going to be able to help him out until this weekend when things calm down around here.

Showing his bolder side Ike flashes for the camera showing off his amazing amount of storage space and fine lines. His freezer side is just as big and bold making him equally charming on both sides.

It is my great hope that Ike plays nice with my already beloved duel fuel beauty named Ellie. If not, Angry Bunny ( seen up on the shelf) will play referee and all will be well!

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Anonymous said...

I am Sooooooooooooo coveting your kitchen! It is amazing!