It Takes So Little...

Some days it takes so little to make me smile. Today's smile maker comes from Target, the land of all good things. I needed to make a stop there to pick up some Summer shorts for the boys ( all of a sudden it's 75 degrees here!) so of course I had to make my quick run through the Target dollar spot at the front of the store. The dollar spot is all decked out for Easter and while there were lots of cute things there was nothing I wanted until I spotted the packages of Decorative paper shred. So very cute but not destined for an Easter basket. Where it will be found is as packing material on little gifts, orders and what not I send out that often needs a bit of cushioning.
Of course it now totally has me eyeing my office paper shredder with many new and crafty thoughts!

In other news I came home to my order from Bake it Pretty... ~swoon~ such wonderful stuff and such reasonable prices! I got the very cute and much coveted button shaped candy molds, some beyond cute paper cups for Spring cupcakes and a whole set of forest friends cake toppers.

Check back.. since afterall, tomorrow is " Wicked Wednesday"


Anonymous said...

Oooo Cute site that BakeItPretty! Thanks for the link. I sent it on to my daughter the reigning cake baker for the small town she lives in...small...with NO supplies!
Waiting for Wednesday LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out BakeItPretty! I'm not even sure if they'll ship to me, but I'm loving looking around--and hoping!