More Coolness.. be still my little heart!

Ohhhhh, whip out those debit cards my dears since this product is SO worth it. This is printable fabric that can go through your ink-jet printer with ease! It comes on a roll or in pre-cut sheets to make things even more simple. I am using mine for the tags on a new semi-hush hush project that I am working on ( don't worry I will spill the beans pretty soon).. but in the mean time I was looking for a way to make some fabric sample tags until I decide on a final look for the semi hush-hush project.

I looked into ordering tags right off but after looking at the prices ( SMACK HEAD AND FALL OVER INA DEAD FAINT!) I looked for other options. Well this stuff fit the bill like a dream! It prints beautifully, no smearing or anything. The ink stays fast and waterproof but I did see just a wee bit of fade in the color after 2 runs through Mr. Washy when testing samples. But perfectly acceptable for beta samples or items that will never get washed!

I order mine from Dharma Trading but I hear you can find it at Joann's fabric ( alas I do not have a Joann's but if you do make sure to use their 40% off coupon which will bring the price down to $10ish bucks per roll!)

I can think of TONS of cool projects for this fabric.. what can you think of??

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