Naughty Knickers!.. It's Wicked Wednesday!!

Ah, 7 days have flown by with lots of stuff going on here are Chez Anarchy including a bit of planning for a shopping trip for new Spring frillies! Anybody who knows me knows that I am a firm believer that what you wear UNDER you clothes has a great effect on how you feel and project yourself on the outside. So 4-6 times a year I treat myself to all new undergarments. While this might sound extravagant it's easy to save a bit here and there and make this a very doable adventure.

Heck, if you are into sewing you can even sew up some naughty/cute knickers and make it a green effort to boot. Angry Chicken has done just that to wonderful results. Also look here at Supernatural for further wonderful undie ideas for those old but still so cool rock star t-shirts turned rockin' new undies!

Let's face it bras and panties wear out and yet as mothers we often feel that until they fall into tatters that we are obligated to wear them. Well no longer! Out go the panties with the wiskering elastic around the waist and legs. Out go the bras that are as non-supportive as ex-husbands! In come attractive comfortable and SEXY undergarments that flatter our figures and make us feel like the Hot-Mamas we are.

Hot-Mamas do not wear white cotton granny panties but that does not mean you have to buy something that looks like a wisp of lace and a piece of dental floss, but if you want to, I won't stop you and I bet your husband would love it! I call those extra-undies and think everyone should also have a nice stock of those for life's more intimate moments! Luckily fun and flirty undies come in all shapes and sizes and I promise you they will do wonders for your outlook on life!

While you are out get a real bra fitting. yes I know you were a 36 B in highschool and you think you are the same size now, but just humor me and go check, the stats say that there is a 85% chance you are wearing the wrong bra size.. so go prove me wrong! But if I just happen to be right take heart, a well fitting bra will take 5-10 pounds off of your appearance.

If you are feeling quite daring and are of the size, take a look at Victoria's Secret for some very racy panty and bra sets that are sure to keep you feeling like a girl even under the most modest of clothing options. If you happen to be a plus sizer like I am take a look at Lane Bryant for some very nice selections for the more curvy among us. But most important of all, take a look in your panty drawer, if there is underwear in there that is older than your youngest child, it's time you went shopping!

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