Not the call I was expecting

There are only a couple of times in my life that I have felt so helpless as I did after answering the phone this morning. You see 2 days ago I have my routine mammogram and had thought little of it since that time. But today the phone rang and it was the breast care center saying that I needed to come back in right away.

I am going to skip to the end here and tell you that I am all right and that the spot they saw turns out to be a safe and possibly a freaky little milk duct after all these years of not nursing!.. I mean I have not nursed in 6 years! But the ability be rational after getting that call and getting over to the center was so difficult and not something I wish for anyone. luckily the spot was small and it would have been early, this is why we have such would have been the best shot at saving my life if they had told me it was more serious than it turned out to be.

My message to you is, if you are over 40 get thy self to your mammogram, if you are without insurance call and find an organization that gives them free or at a discount. It does not hurt, maybe a bit of a smash but otherwise it's easy and come on.. your 9th grade boyfriend felt you up more than the nice Mamo-tech is ever going to do! So don't be shy, you can do this. and if not for yourself do it for those you love, they need you.


p.s. Will be back tomorrow with the previously mentioned big cool thing that I got at the semi-thrift.


Anonymous said...

Preach it Maddie!
My sister had a double mastectomy last month. The tumor(s) was fast and vicious. She was 'just' 2 years since her previous mammogram.
I also had a ductal tumor that was benign but was removed. Those were some of the most unnerving and lonely I understand the roller coaster you just climbed off of.

Katie said...

Scary stuff Maddie, I'm glad to hear you are ok.