Rubber Ducky You are the One!

Don't ask me where the week went since I have no idea. What I do know is that it's Wicked Wednesday once again here in the Anarchy studio and today we are going to talk about things that buzzzzz. See that little guy above? He is not just your normal ducky, he is so much more and he can be your best bath time friend ever. Even better if you have a tub big enough for two! Rub my Ducky is a waterproof three speed bit of bath time bliss. For those who are a bit shy or intimidated by some of the more realistic products on the market this is a great place to start. Best part is that he can sit right on the edge of the tub and not even your nosey Mother in Law will know what sort of wonderful wicked things you have been up to! I am totally hoping that this cute little guy ends up in my Easter basket!

And if the Easter bunny just happens to be listening I could be totally happy if he slipped this book into my basket as well as these wonderful looking massage candles

For those who think the sexiest organ is our brains here are some reads that I have enjoyed in the past few days

Sex, Lies and Photoshop this article makes the quick point that we don't have to be what the media think is " sexy" to be a sexual person and sexually expressive in our own skin. Take a moment to click on the DOVE video that they have in on their site link. It's well worth the 1.24 minutes.

Give me the best one you got. Think you might want to get a vibe but don't have any idea where to start? After all it's not like a car and you can't take it out for a test drive ( yeh I know, gross). This article is written by one of the long time Good Vibrations workers and has some sage advice for those looking for a quality product to meet their needs, and desires!

Remember, as always Wicked Wednesday and it's links run through my Good Vibrations affiliate account for credit so if you do want to order a bit of something for your own Easter basket please click through on one of these links since that is what will enable me to offer some nifty Good Vibes giveaway goodies in the coming months.

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CFC Flames '04 said...

LOL! Maddie you make me laugh AND blush. I don't think I could have that cute little ducky staring at me KNOWING. I just couldn't do it! I know,I'm far too uptight. Mark tells me that all the time. LOL!!