I don't often post on Saturday but had a few moments so I thought I would share my "big find" from last week at my local Semi-thrift. It's a 1930's kitchen from somewhere in England. Can you even imagine having all of your food and prep area in such a tiny space?.. and yet that is how it was and still is for many who are "over the pond".
The huge kitchen idea seems to be a very American born idea, and I will admit to being just as guilty given that my kitchen is "bigger than the average bear" and yet I still look for places to put stuff ( I see some stuff going to the church rummage sale pretty soon !) anywhooooo I digress.. this cabinet made it home with me last week and has found it's new home in my old studio for now and I am using it for a cutting station and rubber stam storage. Soon enough ( this Summer) it's going to have a brand new spot to live in my brand spanking new space that is twice as big as the one I have now! ~happy dance~

I am using my saved up stash of clementine cartons for organizing my stash of rubber stamps in the new cabinet. I love free organization! What are some of life's "free things" that YOU use to help you get orgainzed??

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Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was the only quirky person that saves the Clementine boxes! ;-)