Things That Make My Kids Go...eeeeewwwwwww

Here at Domestic Anarchy we are all about everything positive. Education - heck yeah, let's all be free to learn in the best way possible. Crafting.. yes indeed, lets make this world a prettier place by putting out some great eye candy and lifting out spirits with hand work of all kinds.
What I have not talked a lot about of late is the positive marriage stuff.. more to the point the stuff that make my teens go "ewwwwwwwwww.. mind soap. pass the mind soap" Yes folks.. we are talking about rocking the marriage bed and how a great sex life really can make for a much happier marriage. ( That noise you hear is my kids who read my blog violently clicking on the "back" button trying to get away from this post )

From now on I am going to be doing " Wicked Wednesdays", where I share cool stuff I have found, product reviews and fun all dedicated to making marriage more sexy and fun. Part of doing that is feeling good about ourselves both physically and mentally. The other part is how we express that " feeling good" to our husbands ( insert the word partner for husband if you swing that way.. it's all OK with me) With a little luck I am going to be having some " wicked" giveaways from one of my new affiliates GOOD VIBRATIONS . If you are not familiar with Good Vibes go give them a look. I promise I will be here when you get back!
OK.. back now? That is a a whole bunch of fun stuff and some of it you might never have seen before. Rest assured that there is something there for everyone. From the most timid to the most adventurous among us. One of my favorite sections at Good Vibes is the book department so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite titles.

The first is Real Live Nude Girl - The writer Carol Queen is well known for her role in being a sexual educator and this is her book that follows her life and experiences that lead her towards a PhD in the field of Sexuality. I always enjoy picking up this book and find her style of writing to be engaging without being to precious with the details.

For talking with your teen kids about sex without looking like an out of touch ninny I suggest Third Based Ain't What it Used To Be - This book does not pull any punches and acts more like a crash course in how to get your language on par with what your kids are talking about today when it comes to sex. A must read.

On my next to read list is Mating in Captivity This looks to be a great book about the role sexuality plays in marriage. If you have read it drop me a comment and tell me what you thought of the book.


Anonymous said...

Way to go with the healthy perspective! Ya know...even though my kids go "EEeeewww" when my Dh grabs my butt during a hug I think it reassures them that we are in love and have a healthy marriage.

Anonymous said...

Full. of Awesome. *nods firmly* I love this company and am applauding the healthy perspective and enablement. There are, after all, many different kinds of SEX (Stash Enhancement eXperiences), no? Yarn isn't the only stash to have. :D