Bikini Area Shaving - Wicked Wednesday

Ah, the joys of the " big shave" know the one, from ankle to the naughty regions and then a bit more if you happen to heading to the pool or out for a romantic night.

If you are inclined to shave here are some great products that I can't live without. First off shaving is a pretty personal thing ( but when has that ever stopped me from talking about anything?) and it's pretty much an each to his/her own sort of thing. I for one feel better with smooth skin and it's safe to say that Mr. Domestic Anarchy also approves. So this whole thing works out well for the both of us and gives me free liberty to pursue the best of the best when it comes to shave creams and nifty shavers for smooth skin in the most difficult of areas to shave!

First off lets talk about shave creams, there are a million on the market and I would not give you a dime for most of them but I might possibly sell a vital organ if I ever did not have enough money to buy my favorite shave cream of all time. Coochy shave cream by Pure Romance is the Cadillac of shave creams and is so effective at softening coarse hair that it can be used as a beard softener for the guy in your life!

A little goes a long way so don't be put off by the price which is more than a can of that white puffy foam that you are currently stealing from your husband, but OH! so worth it. Coochy, is thick and smooth and great for your legs but even better for those delicate areas that need the most gentle touch when it come to guiding a razor into new territory. Put on Coochy with a bit of water and then wait 3-5 minutes for it to work it's magic, shaving becomes easy and "smooth" is the word of the day when it comes to results!

Next comes razors, on this count I am two different minds and when it comes to different body parts I have different razors for them. For my legs and underarms I have to admit to not being all that picky and will go with a good brand that I can usually find on sale at my local Target store. Currently I am using Schick Xtreme3 with Comfort Plus ( aloe and Shea butter).. these seem to do the job and for a pack of ten it was about $6.

When it comes to shaving other than my legs and underarms I am a die-hard lover of the Noxzema bikini shavers. These little dudes can sometimes to be hard to find so when I do I am sure to pick up a couple of packs at least ( easy to do at $2 a pack!). These things are tiny!.. I am talking that the razor width is about that of my thumb nail or maybe just a bit more. The handle is easy on the hands but I could wish for some grippy action since it can get slippery if the shave cream gets on your hand and the handle.

It would be a slow go to shave your legs with these little guys but for the more delicate areas it's just the right size giving you control as to not shave off something you might want to use later! No matter if you are just trimming up so your bathing suit covers the rest or if you are inclined to shave all that Mother Nature gave you this is the product for the job.

First it was a goat....

Now I am just a helpless sheep... societal sheep that is. This My Jones soda thing is so cool that I can hardly contain myself as I play with the application that lets you make gift bottles with it. Not to mention the part about loving Jones Sodas. I wish I could show you some of the bottles I created but those techno savvy guys at Jones have made it impossible to save a copy of the label I designed and show it to you.. so you will just have to wait until my bottles get here to see how cool it's going to be!

First you need a goat!

With a title like that I am SURE that you all are happy that it's not " Wednesday"!

Today's post is about my family's tiny little forays into eating locally not to mention starting up our own garden! But first lets talk about the goat!.. is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? She is a goat from the Bonnie Blue Farm in Waynesboro TN
and she is one of the first step to some of the best Goat Cheese I have ever eaten! I picked mine up at our local Sunday downtown market from the Bonnie Blue farmer who came to sell his wonderful cheese.. I will totally be back there next week and I sure hope that he will too! ( Amy, I hope to see you there too!)

Cheesy Confession #1

This song actually makes me cry!... I know..the shame!!!!!

Another winner!

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SUSAN ( who loves Josh Groban and Classical rock) is our winner!! She wins Brooke's ever so adorable Stitch-a-Little Spooky Critters II ( which I have to say is my very favorite with that little robot that never fails to steal my heart!)
Susan please contact me so I can get your prize to you!
Next up.. Brooke's Stitch a chocolate Egg Ornaments!.. get a jump on next year you organized thing you! Please remember that you can enter 1x per week so if you have not added another comment please do add it to the ORIGINAL contest post.

Home again, Home again!

HA!.. I totally forgot to hang out my "gone shopping" sign this weekend when we made a quick trip out of town with the kids and some wonderful friends. I also forgot to draw for another one of Brooke's wonderful x-stitch patterns to give away. So keep your eye peeled for tomorrow I shall do just that!

Taboo Topics

It never fails, you just get done booking your vacation, wedding, romantic get-away.. ( insert event or place where you want to have hot sex with your spouse here) and then you take a glance at the calendar only to find that the event is scheduled smack in the middle of when your period is suppose to show up. ~head smack~ Oh great!, your period and a non-refundable deposit, what a winning combination! - NOT!

Of course if you are of the mind and prepared this does not have to a problematic situation. There are no real health reasons why a woman or a man cannot engage in sexual intercourse during a woman's period. Yes, it might be a bit messy and perhaps you might be hesitant to talk about it but the rewards can be petty freaking spectacular.

During menstruation the whole lower pelvic area of women is enriched with more general blood flow and thus sensation. This can make for some pretty spectacular time in the sack! But I know what you are thinking... what about the mess??.. I don't want ruin my sheets/sexy nightgown/hotel bed! All valid concerns and I have an answer for you!

I am a devoted fan of the Instead Soft Cup , an ingenious alternative to tampons and pads for regular use with the very added bonus of it making menstrual sex clean and easy. I highly suggest taking some time to go through their website and to watch their video to understand how wonderful this product is. I do want to note that Instead is NOT NOT NOT a form of birth control and should not be used as one even with spermicide. People who do this are most often called ~new parents~ 9months after giving this contraceptive "MacVyvering" a try!
Instead soft cup is a wonderful product that is easy to use and should be easily found next to pads and tampons but is often hard to find at your local drug store. Since no matter what I am telling you, very often you will find it in the section with the birth control items such as condoms and spermicidal foam. (Drug store merchandising idiots!) If you cannot find them in your local store you can get a sample pack or a large size of 24 on line here .
So there you go!.. Enjoy!

Wicked Wednesday will be a wee bit late today..

Sorry folks, I am running a little late today but don't worry.. WW is not gone, just late. Until then a slack-@ss poor substitute I give you a tiny retrospective of some of the jewelry I have made in the past year and one from my very talented daughter ( who will soon be opening her own shop!)
Be back in a few hours!

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The Winner is comment number 24!

Suzann Mack said...
followed link to your site,and would like to be added in the "DRAWING". Brooke is a wonderful designer, love her cakes.thanks,for letting me participate.Suzann

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So Suzann Mack, please contact me so I can send you your package!
Everyone please keep entering and we will draw for another package next week!!
EDIT~ Suzann's email is bouncing, so if anyone knows her please send her this way so she will know she is a winner!


Ok.. maybe I am just easy ( oh shut up!).. but these folks at Garnish are just wonderful!.. What itty bitty cuteness is this! I have SO many ideas for their products.. maybe someday they will gift me with some of their wonderfulness and I shall blog even more about how great I think they are! .. but in the mean time.. these glassine bags with the bit of sewing up top.. well yeh.. just toooo stinking cute for words and they just make my head explode with ideas! Call me crazy but I think I have some very great ideas for these! and if I were not so short on time I would order them for my son's camping themed birthday party next week! So Garnish Gals... if you are listening.. hint hint!
10:06pm Edited to say... just placed an order with Garnish for some party swag, I could not resist!.. I think it's all going to be so cute and I can't wait to share it all with you next week! Those Garnish people are great... go give them some e-commerce love!

Talking about Sex with Your Kids

Quick quiz: You are in the car driving somewhere and out of the blue your teen asks you what you think about masturbation. You:
A) Pretend not to hear and fiddle with the NPR reception
B) Drive off the road into a ditch rather than respond
C) Remember that you were taught that it could cause blindness and wonder about passing on that advice at this moment
D) Respond, "cool topic, why do you ask?"

Hint - the right answer is "D" but I think quite a few parents opt for "A" and in extreme cases "B" due to major discomfort with the subject of sex. But take heart.. if your child had the guts to ask you, you must have built at least a tiny bridge of trust with your child and now is your time to make it even stronger by answering their questions in the most accurate and positive way possible.

Be ready beforehand for these intense questions by having resources available and getting your personal head on straight about how you feel about sex and what personal baggage you might be bringing to the conversation. Since let's face it, if you were raised in a home that thought of sex as some deep dark sin and you have not gotten your head clear of that jibberish how well are you going to be able to talk to your children in a positive way?

Kids have lots of questions, some garden variety and some more intense than you ever dreamed. Being ready for these questions will make your conversations easier and your relationship with your child better.
When it comes to websites, Scarleteen, sex education for the real world is the hands down best resource on the net. They are one of the best places for the nervous parent or the questioning teen to find answers. Scarleteen is always there with frank, body positive information from everything from masturbation to sexually transmitted diseases. No sugar coating or flowery language waxing poetic about being a virgin flower, no sirree.. this is accurate information straight up and medically sound. The site is equally geared to boys as well as girls, gay, straight or bi. There is support here for every teen under the sun.

The site is pro-sex in that they come from the point that sex is a given in each of our lives but there are times and reasons not to have it too. From their web " We provide sex and sexuality education, information and advice for millions of young adults, parents and allies each year! We're read by 20,000 - 30,000 users daily, and are often the most highly ranked teen sex education website online despite never having any public funding or doing any advertising. Find out about our commitment to inclusive, healthy and sex-positive sex ed for teens"

I can't begin to say how much I like and respect this website, enough so that I became a donor to support their continued success for millions more inquiring teens to come! Spend some time reading on the site, I am sure you will be shocked if not a bit uncomfortable at times. But remember these are real questions from real kids so there is a good chance that your pre teen or teen is wondering some of the same things and deserves unbiased factual answers to their questions.

Quality resources can be hard to come by but I have listed two of my favorites. I am not talking about books that are just " how a baby is made books" and quite frankly if your child is past 10 I think you should skip them too unless you have not even given them this information yet ( and if not, get on the stick about it!). "Making a baby" is just the very smallest part of learning about sex and sexuality and yet most parents think they have done their duty by unleashing the sperm meets egg story on their children and calling it "good". But honestly unless that story also includes, kissing, dry humping, oral sex, masturbation, abstaining, safer sex, menstruation, rape avoidance and many other topics that kids ask about every day then as a parent you are not telling your child the whole truth before they need it.. since after they need it.. well it's just too late.

For the 13 and up set I really like S.E.X The in-depth and inclusive sexuality guide by Heather Corinna (Marlowe & Company/DaCapo, 2007)! Covering everything from STIs to sexual orientation, body image to birth control, masturbation to misogyny, the anatomy of the clitoris to considering cohabitation, and written for you whether you're male, female or genderqueer; straight, gay or somewhere in between, this is THE everything-you-need, comprehensive, progressive sexuality handbook to get you through high school, college and the rest of your life.

For the 5 and up set I really like It's Perfectly Normal This frank but gentle book covers all the topics kids will need and wonder about in the early years. While the whole book might not be right for a 5 year old it's all topical to growing up and the questions your children have in their heads even if they are not talking to you about them. The book is in water color pencil with cartoonish frank drawings of people with varied body types. The book cover basic biology, sexuality, birth, homosexuality, STD's, birth control and much more. We have had a copy of this book in our house for years and I plan on copies for my grandchildren one day!

Talking about sex with children can be uncomfortable unless it's a dialog that begins early in life. So if you are jumping into the deep end of the sex pool when your child is 13 cut yourself some slack since it's going to be a bit painful for both of you. Educate yourself so you can then be the one to help educated them. At the very least fill their lives with quality books and websites like that above so maybe even if you are unable they will learn enough so that someday they will have a better shot at being comfortable and sex-positive with their own children.

An X- Stitch in Time

Ever feel that you are the luckiest girl in the world? Well I often feel that way since I am lucky enough to have quite a few friends who are super duper talented and have hearts big enough to share so much of their talent along with growing their wonderful businesses.

Today I would like to talk about my friend Brooke. Some of you might already know her since she is a rather well known Cross Stitch artist and designer. There is not a time I don't look at her work and just purr with happiness.

Well.. today I am thrilled to have some of her wonderful Stitch-a-Littles to show off and some to give away over the next few weeks. The detail on these will knock your socks off.. I am personally over the moon for the little robot!

So.. want a chance to win one of these?... If so leave your name and I will be drawing 1 per week for the next 5 weeks. The first give away will be Spooky Critter I. Please also go visit Booke and see all of her other wonderful designs not to mention some of the most rockin' freebies I have ever seen.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep ..That is the Question!

Yep... it's Wednesday and you all know what that means!.. time to get Wicked! Since I was sick last week ( thanks for all the private get-well notes.. you guys are great!) and did not " Get Wicked" I have had some time to think and have decided to dive into the deep end of the "Wicked" pool with my thoughts on the oh so ticklish subject of how often married couples are
"doing the deed" and how having or not having sex effects one's marriage. So for my more gentle reader now is your chance to turn back..don't say I didn't warn you :) ** and to my teenage readers who are related and semi-related to me.. this goes for you to.. it might be more than you want to know!

Ok, everyone comfy now?.. good! Talking about sex is possibly only a bit more popular than discussing money when it comes to comfort and ease and yet it's a fundamental topic of life, especially married life. Let's face it, unless you happen to be part of an arranged marriage one of the reasons you are with your spouse is because at one point he or she made your neither regions tingle at just mear thought of them. So now it's a whole bunch of year later.. how are your neither regions feeling these days? Best case scenario is that each time you see your man you get warm and happy all over. Worst case you would rather have your teeth cleaned.

The trick to a happy marriage is to spend more time in the warm and happy mode and as little time as possible in the " I would rather have an invasive dental procedure mode". I am not saying that this is easy, in fact with kids, work, bills, and your mother-in-law it can be downright tricky. Let me be clear, since I have a habit of being wordy and obtuse at times, I am saying that yes, I believe that the more sex you have the better your marriage will be.

Popular thought?....well not exactly. In fact I am sure that millions of strident-types are feeling lower groin pain just at the thought. But that is the great part about having a blog, they can now feel free to dash off a post on why they think they should only have sex when they damn well feel like. And I will further my post by saying that I think it's best to have sex as often as possible, even when you might be some what tired, have had a crappy day with the kids or could not find chicken breasts on sale at your local market.

Now do let me be VERY clear in that there are times not to have sex, and most importantly no person male or female should be pressured into having sex against their consent. What I am saying is that as wives and long term partners we should be doing our best to make this most intimate of connections with our spouse often enough to keep that "warm and happy" spark alive and not fall into the "dental procedure" mode of sexual refusal.

Ok.. so now you are like.. "well great Maddie, but what I am suppose to do if I don't feel all warm and wonderful towards my spouse right now?" And I say to you.. fake it... at least until you can make that feeling become real. Think back.. remember that warm mushy feeling you had towards your spouse after a wonderful night/morning/lunch time of sex?.. ever notice how he is happy( ok, maybe happy is too strong a word) to take out the garbage the next day?.. or maybe is even more inclined to let you sleep in while he takes care of the baby?.. On your part you feel warm and loving, more relaxed and just all around happier? Well take that times 4-5 or even 6 days a week and think about how you would feel about your spouse and your marriage. Sweet hu?.. yep it is, that is the sort of marriage I strive for.

For those who doubt, give it a try. First night that you suggest sex he will be happy and surprised, second night he will be shocked but very ready, third night in a row he will look like the guy who just won the Georgia 50 million dollar power ball. See how your life changes, watch for subtle changes in not only him but you too. Watch how you feel softer about the things that used to irritate you before and more forgiving and ready to meet him midway when it comes to a difference of opinion. Watch how he is happier and more relaxed, is better with the kids and around the house. It really is simple magic, orgasms release wonderful chemicals into our bodies that make just about everything easier to deal with. Even sex without the bonus of climax chemically bonds a couple in a way that cannot be achieved in any other way.

"Buuuttttttttt, I really am TIRED" I hear you saying. I know and I do understand. I am a woman who LOVES her sleep. Nothing makes me happier than to sink down into my Tempra-whatever mattress and drift off to the Land of Nod. But you know what? Sleeping next to a stressed/sulky or fitful sleeper is no fun. Or worse yet, going to sleep in an empty bed when your spouse chooses to stay up late and watch TV or fart around on the computer as opposed to coming to a sex-less bed, is not relaxing. So take the personal time to rest and recharge your own batteries, with a rest or a nice shower, or one together is even better with the added possibility of killing two birds with one shower if you get my drift :-).

Past that do what it takes to change from Mommy-mind to Partner-mind. Sexy reading, can do the trick for some woman. Anything from romance novels to erotica aimed just at women can be a nice segue from day life to night life. Sometimes a nice glass of wine can do the trick if it does not make you more sleepy ( I am one who cannot drink unless I plan to really sleep.. zonks me right out) Sometimes just going through the motions of getting ready to be together, a bit of lotion, a nice perfume, some naughty nighties or just setting your mind that you are going to have sex and you are going to enjoy it. Since let's face it, if you have sex.. how often in the end do you end up feeling anything but much about a whole bunch of stuff. It's all up to you.

The fact is that as we age we lose some of our insta-sex ability that is a hallmark of our late teens and early 20's and our hormones bring us through changes that we never dreamed possible but there is little reason that we have to become slaves to these hormones ( or lack of them) or let them endanger our marriages by making us think that just because we are not as sex driven that sex is no longer an important part of our lives our are marriage. ( For a great book on this subject look for~ The Alchemy of Love and Lust, by Crenshaw) In my indelicate way I am known to say that like a car I am no longer " an automatic, but more of a crank start model" But it's all ok.. since I end up in the same place. Happy and content in my marriage with a very happy and helpful husband.. what more could one want?

Getting it all done.

Ha!... I am sure that I will never get it all done, but in that quest I have been really jazzed to use the forms from SIMPLE MOM. She calls it the Daily Docket, I call it a lifesaver. As promised, it's simple, and easy to use. I try to fill mine out the night before which makes my days go OH so much smoother. Just scroll down the link to the bottom yellow box and click on it. She has a version for people who would like to incorporate scripture reading into their lives and not. I choose the not version and instead like to fill it with a quote of the day that I get from here!

The photo comes from a project I slipped in this past weekend.. and I hope to share it with you later this week! I am LOVING the stash of vintage pillow cases I found to work with!

Working towards a vision..

It has taken so many years but things are coming together around the outside of the house. We poured the new driveway on Friday and we have most of the flag stone work done on both sides of the house. Soon comes the fun part.. Plants!

A short break was taken from all that outside work for a run to the home improvement store for a few supplies.. and like most times we came back with way more than we planned!.. In actuality the " it" did not even come home with use since we are going to have to have it delivered. You see we have been looking for pool /cabana furniture for a long time. But never really found what we were looking for.. but today we both at the same time found just the right set

We both like it and as a 6 piece set it was a wonderful deal... All I need now is to find a table and chairs for the new outdoor dinning room off the pool. Mind you we have not even gotten the concrete work done in there yet so I might be jumping the gun just a bit! :) But it's nice to dream!