Ok.. maybe I am just easy ( oh shut up!).. but these folks at Garnish are just wonderful!.. What itty bitty cuteness is this! I have SO many ideas for their products.. maybe someday they will gift me with some of their wonderfulness and I shall blog even more about how great I think they are! .. but in the mean time.. these glassine bags with the bit of sewing up top.. well yeh.. just toooo stinking cute for words and they just make my head explode with ideas! Call me crazy but I think I have some very great ideas for these! and if I were not so short on time I would order them for my son's camping themed birthday party next week! So Garnish Gals... if you are listening.. hint hint!
10:06pm Edited to say... just placed an order with Garnish for some party swag, I could not resist!.. I think it's all going to be so cute and I can't wait to share it all with you next week! Those Garnish people are great... go give them some e-commerce love!

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Anonymous said...

*Jaw Drops!* OMG, soooo cute! Just think of all the fun we'd have with them, mommy. (^_^)

The Daughter