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It never fails, you just get done booking your vacation, wedding, romantic get-away.. ( insert event or place where you want to have hot sex with your spouse here) and then you take a glance at the calendar only to find that the event is scheduled smack in the middle of when your period is suppose to show up. ~head smack~ Oh great!, your period and a non-refundable deposit, what a winning combination! - NOT!

Of course if you are of the mind and prepared this does not have to a problematic situation. There are no real health reasons why a woman or a man cannot engage in sexual intercourse during a woman's period. Yes, it might be a bit messy and perhaps you might be hesitant to talk about it but the rewards can be petty freaking spectacular.

During menstruation the whole lower pelvic area of women is enriched with more general blood flow and thus sensation. This can make for some pretty spectacular time in the sack! But I know what you are thinking... what about the mess??.. I don't want ruin my sheets/sexy nightgown/hotel bed! All valid concerns and I have an answer for you!

I am a devoted fan of the Instead Soft Cup , an ingenious alternative to tampons and pads for regular use with the very added bonus of it making menstrual sex clean and easy. I highly suggest taking some time to go through their website and to watch their video to understand how wonderful this product is. I do want to note that Instead is NOT NOT NOT a form of birth control and should not be used as one even with spermicide. People who do this are most often called ~new parents~ 9months after giving this contraceptive "MacVyvering" a try!
Instead soft cup is a wonderful product that is easy to use and should be easily found next to pads and tampons but is often hard to find at your local drug store. Since no matter what I am telling you, very often you will find it in the section with the birth control items such as condoms and spermicidal foam. (Drug store merchandising idiots!) If you cannot find them in your local store you can get a sample pack or a large size of 24 on line here .
So there you go!.. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'd been wondering about that and figured that one would just have to wait until their cycle was over for the month...or deal with the mess. Thanks for the info!

~Little Fainting Goat