Working towards a vision..

It has taken so many years but things are coming together around the outside of the house. We poured the new driveway on Friday and we have most of the flag stone work done on both sides of the house. Soon comes the fun part.. Plants!

A short break was taken from all that outside work for a run to the home improvement store for a few supplies.. and like most times we came back with way more than we planned!.. In actuality the " it" did not even come home with use since we are going to have to have it delivered. You see we have been looking for pool /cabana furniture for a long time. But never really found what we were looking for.. but today we both at the same time found just the right set

We both like it and as a 6 piece set it was a wonderful deal... All I need now is to find a table and chairs for the new outdoor dinning room off the pool. Mind you we have not even gotten the concrete work done in there yet so I might be jumping the gun just a bit! :) But it's nice to dream!

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