I'm in the Mood for Love

Ah, the song might have been written in 1935 and recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Kenny G but it's often not the song of the night when it comes to most mothers of young children. In fact half the time you are falling asleep at the dinner table if there happens to be a lull in the time between body function jokes and someone spilling their milk. This really is an irony since sex is most of the time what got you into this motherhood business in the first place and yet now more often than not you are too tired for it!

Well the folks at Babeland are happy to help you with a whole bunch of reasons to stay up late and enjoy a little time with your husband as they celebrate moms of all types for the month of May. As part of the Sexy Mom month I hope to tackle one topic per week and this week.. you guessed it.. lets talk about what you can do so you have at least 1/2 of chance of being in " the mood for love" while at the same time making your way through a full day with kids or kids and a job.

My top suggestions are as follows:

Take at least an hour for yourself in the evening to recharge your personal batteries, do something not having to do with either laundry or scooping the cat box. Get your partner to take over for a bit. The bed time routine can be a great time for dads to connect with kids in a way that will make memories for a life time. Around here, soon as dinner is done I am off-duty and daddy takes over the bathing, bed time reading and tucking in giving me some quite time. He is more than happy to do this know that I then come to bed with a MUCH better attitude, one where I am in the mood for love!

Hone in one what gets you going, is it music, maybe a certain song?... a book, an erotic poem. It does not really matter what it is.. what matters is that you take the time to indulge in this bit of metal foreplay in order to switch from "mommy mind" to that of a sexual partner to your mate.

Speaking of foreplay, it's not just the hour before then deed that counts, how about setting the stage over the course of the whole day with some teasing texts to the one you love. These little text-teasers keep your libido turned on just as much as his. A very fine use for that unlimited text plan you never use!

Most of all know that making the time, setting the stage and doing the deed on a regular basis is not only good for your marriage, it's good for you.. since when have you ever felt bad after a wonderful night between the sheets with the person you love?

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