A Tisket a Tasket, what's in Maddie's Basket?

A couple of people have caught me around and about with my basket in tow and asked what it was all about. So I thought I would spill the beans about the " modern pioneer girl look" I have going on with all this basket business.

In truth my basket is no different than hauling around a tote bag when there is no longer significant real estate in one's purse to hold the load of stuff we need to carry around on a daily basis. Or at least that is how it started ( insert ominous music)

Now the basket has become my faithful companion, you know sort of like a puppy but without the wet nose or lake size piddle puddle on the floor! It goes with me though my day holding all the things I might need at one time or need to drag upstairs with me at night ( cell phone, drink, current book I am reading, small snack, papers to review etc...) or perhaps down stairs to watch the boys in the pool ( bug spray, cell phone, lap top, magazine, drink etc...) or when I go out it acts as an adjunct purse holding all the stuff that I need during my trip out of the house but might not want to carry into every stop ( snacks for the kids, items I need to return, day planner etc...)

So obviously useful... but you ask.. why a basket and not a tote bag? Well.. good question and mostly it's a stupid answer that I am going to share with you anyway. The basket has a flat bottom and open top making it easy to see and retrieve stuff and with the flat bottom it also allows me easily to carry a drink down ( or up with me) without spilling. So no real magic or simplicity movement ideal.. it's just practical :)

** In the basket above you can see part of what I hauled down to the pool with me for the boy's afternoon swim.

1 hammer to fix the support post of the bean trellis down by the pool
1 staple gun to hang trellis netting
1 book Getting Things Done by David Allen
1 can diet root beer, nabbed from the fridge on the way down to the pool
What you cannot see but is in the basket
1 cell phone
1 bag smoked almonds
1 note cards
2-300 Stablio medium fine pens, my be all and end all pen for creative writing.

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Alice said...

I am also a basket case so yes, like it and find it cool! : ) Love the practical side of things and being able to see what I am looking for first time round.